Tuesday, May 31, 2011

10 Signs of An Approaching Deadline (take 2)

As I battle with my deadline, here's a timely list from a few months ago.

10. Your normally loquacious imagination now mumbles "Umm..."

9. You've worn a path in the carpet from your pacing.

8. You notice you're typing more typos than actual words.

7. You have to describe a sunset. The only word that comes to mind is 'pretty'.

6. You're drinking cold coffee.

5. The manuscript you swore yesterday was near-to-perfect now reveals itself as riddled with errors.

4. Your knowledge of rudimentary grammar and spelling seems to have disappeared along with your typing skills.

3. Your closest relationship is with your thesaurus (see #7).

2. You're convinced this manuscript is the one that will give away that your previous success was an error and you actually have no talent at all.

1. You promise yourself you'll never put yourself through this again. You know you're lying.


  1. Elspeth - Oh, yes, this was a wonderful post. I'm glad you've re-posted it because I meant at the time to print it out and didn't. Thanks for the reminder.

    ...and related to #6 - You don't notice it's cold.

  2. Margot; I'm drinking it right now. Is it cold? Yes. Do I care? No.

  3. I love this post! And I'm under a deadline right now, too. :) Good luck with yours!

  4. Oh goodness, #5 and #2 are so me when I'm on deadline. It's all so true! Best of luck on your deadline :)

  5. Janice; Sometimes you just have to laugh. Thanks for the luck. I'll now resume my pacing.

  6. I love these and will remember them when I'm at this stage.


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