Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Somewhere in the galaxy of things that I have not accomplished today is the one bright shining star that I sent my newest mystery game to my editor.  Of course this means that I will now have to get the lead out on the other mysteries that I've been promising, but compared to the book these are easy cheese.

I find it amazing how others manage to write, run a home, feed and water children and still have time to have any kind of a life.  I don't even remember what having a social life was like.  Now, perhaps I'm getting old and cranky but it would be nice to see the outside world occasionally in more than just my imagination.

I get correspondence from an old school friend who has lived all over the world and experienced cultures that I know only from watching National Geographic specials.  It makes me feel that I have led a very small life.  However, to look on the bright side, all things can change.  Maybe someone else will cook dinner and do the laundry.

Even just typing that cheered me up.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

A Beginning

Everyone has always told me that the most important thing to do as a writer is to write.  So, I have birthed this blog (much easier than birthing children by the way).  This shall be the tale of me trying to finish my book and various other musing which come my way from my life as a mum of 3 still at home children, 2 cats and a house that can never stay clean.

Let's see how I do.