Friday, November 13, 2009

Friday the Thirteenth

In honour of today's date, I thought I would share with you a list that I found on the internet of people's top ten fears. I found it rather fascinating. Here we go...

1. Speaking in public
2. Snakes
3. Confined spaces
4. Heights
5. Spiders
6. Tunnels and bridges
7. Crowds
8. Public transportation (especially planes)
9. Storms
10. Water (as in swimming and drowning)

I will admit I share some of these; snakes, heights and spiders are not my friends. I have no fear of planes when I fly by myself, but if I'm flying with my kids it's a different story. Tunnels and bridges are fine; which is good considering where I live. Crowds? Fine. Storms? Fine as long as I'm home and safe not stuck out on a boat or in a car with the wind howling and various bits of debris flying across the road. I swim very well, so water is fine. Confined spaces? I have no real experience, but I've been in some fairly cramped spaces in various theatre productions and I was fine.

I've always been grateful that the number one fear of public speaking has never been a problem for me. Put me up in front of a small or huge group; as long as I'm prepared I say "Bring it on!".

Do you share any of these top ten fears? Have a wonderful Friday the 13th. Revel in it!


  1. Nah, I don't fear any of those. Now Carny's - those Gypsy types in the traveling carnivals with the shifty eyes and small hands .... spoooookeeeey! lol

    My wife was born on a Friday the 13th so she does definitely NOT get spooked by those dates.

    Different kind of post for you, Elspeth - I likey.

    Marvin D Wilson

  2. Elspeth - It's so interesting to ponder what makes us so deeply fearful about some things. Fear of snakes, spiders and so on makes some sens; after all, they can be dangerous. But it's really interesting to reflect on what really frightens us.

    Did you know that in many Spanish-speaking countries, the day to fear isn't Friday the 13th, but Tuesday the 13th. The saying goes: "El martes trece, ni te cases ni te embarques," which means, "On Tuesday the 13th, don't get married and don't leave on a trip (sounds much better in Spanish, because of the rhyming)."

  3. I hadn't clued into the fact that it was Friday the 13th. #1 is my greatest fear and #7 comes close to being a fear-I suppose the one goes with the other.

    "The mind is a wonderful thing. It starts working the moment you are born and never stops until you stand up to speak in public". I'm not sure who said that, but it applies to me :)

  4. Fear is such an interesting topic! I am right in the middle with number five. I have a severe phobia to spiders. And coming in at number three, confined spaces. me the shudders just thinking about both of them! I won't even imagine combining them!

    Happy weekend (and happy (?) Friday the 13th)

  5. Old Silly; I'm glady you likey!

    Margot; Thanks for the info; I didn't know that. Also thanks for letting me see if I still remember my Spanish; I didn't do too bad!

    Deb; I've never heard that quote. I understand the fear and I'm very glad I don't have it.

    Jen; Spiders are nasty; no creature needs that many legs. They are not to be trusted.

  6. I'm not a fan of confined spaces. Nowhere to escape!

    Mystery Writing is Murder

  7. Spiders. I really dislike the creepy things. But I wouldn't categorize it as an outright fear. Just don't care for them...

  8. I think I'm like you. I'm not bothered by those, unless...I'm teetering on the edge of a cliff, or the plane has problems...etc. I'm also like you in that I love to speak in public.

    Straight From Hel

  9. I do not like spiders, but have come to conquer the fear once I saw my 4yo son's fascination. I figured there must be something amazing there. If his eyes can see it, I should look closer.

    What great fodder for mystery writers! Thank you, Elspeth!

    Finding lots of new-to-me bloggers today. Makes for a happy Friday the 13th!


  10. I used to be afraid of speaking in public, now I'm just frightened.

    I guess I am afraid of water--I can't swim.

    And, of course, I do have a phobia of cheese. (Most dairy products, in fact.)

  11. I could probably be happy in the world and I never saw or dealt with a snake or spider. The other listings don't seem to bother me much. However, I am just about at the point where I hate to fly for a variety of reasons.

    Best Regards, Galen.

  12. Spiders and snakes. Don't like either of them. Nor do I especially like confined spaces. Otherwise I'm pretty good to go. I'm definitely not bothered by Friday the 13th.

  13. I used to have a fear of flying, but now that I have to concentrate on my daughter, our flights are over before I know it, and I'm exhausted :)

  14. Elizabeth; Good for you to think of an escape route! (I do it too...)

    Crystal; Spiders. Ug.

    Helen; I don't know of many people who'd be happy at the edge of a cliff; this is, however, a reason I will never hand glide.

    Michele; I'm glad you're finding new blogs. Have a great Friday!

    Alan; Ah, the fear of cheese. Perhaps it has something to do with your fascination with sausages.

    Galen; I find it rather interesting that a helicopter pilot doesn't like to fly. What do you know that I don't? Wait...don't tell me.

    Carol; I'm with you on the spiders and snakes and also with the no problems with Friday 13th.

  15. Carolyn; We cross posted! Flying with my kids is what makes me nervous. I'm worried for them; not for me.

  16. I've got the fear of snakes, real bad. And I don't like standing close to the edge of high places, (this fear intensifies if my kids are around, our trip to the Grand Canyon was a nightmare for me as The Husband and kids have no fear of heights and seem to enjoy scaring the crap out of me), (although I am not afraid in planes), and I don't like driving over bridges or inside parking garages but make myself do it. I am terribly fascinated by phobias.

  17. Karen; From years of stage experience I can tell you be worried when you DON'T have a bit a stage fright; it's not a good sign. I have the same fascination with crocodiles and alligators; as long as I can see them and they can't get at me.

    Elizabeth; My kids would be the same (horrid monsters that they are!) Phobias are fascinating, especially if you can figure out where or why they started.

  18. I like spiders, but I'm not a snake fan. Since I had kids, I'm more nervous on bridges and high places. Don't know what the conncection is, but there you go.

    I believe I was the worst/most nervous public speaker of all time as a child. Being a teacher I've gotten past a lot of it, but speaking at symposiums and large conferences sitll makes me pretty uptight :)

  19. My biggest fear, being trapped on a stuck elevator with a mime. That, and being the 20th person to leave a comment on Friday the 13th,

  20. Jemi; It's Interesting you went into teaching knowing you'd have to speak in front of people.

    Stephen; LOL!!! Being stuck with a mime in an enclosed box is indeed a horrific thought. Well done!

  21. My top 3
    1. spiders
    2. confined spaces
    3. Dark (not mentioned)

    Most people I know are fearful of public speaking, not me I love it.

  22. It is interesting that open spaces wasn't on the list. A lot of people, particularly those who spend their lives in the city, find open spaces really hard to take.

  23. Definitely a fun post for Friday the 13th! Storms will do it for me. I like to be home, safe and sound, when they start to kick up.

  24. Cassandra; I found it odd it wasn't there. Welcome! I hope you'll drop by again and thanks for leaving a comment.

    Joanne; I'm glad you enjoyed it. I'm with you on storms; they're great if I'm home. Thanks for leaving a comment; I love your blog!

  25. It's funny how people's fears are different when their children are there. I've gone to Victoria Falls a few times but can't bear to take my children there. People are saying maybe we should go this Christmas and I'm just keeping quiet.

  26. None of these fears apply to me, least of all the first. Though I admit, I have never really been in a scary confined space, I have been in normal confined spaces and got on just fine.


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