Tuesday, May 24, 2011

10 Steps to...

You woke up with that feeling...today you will write and you will write well.

Step #1: Get out of bed as the echo of the trumpet call is still ringing in your ears.

Step #2: Remember legos - that wonderful, educational toy that your children played with when they were small? Remember how you were sure you cleaned them all out?

Step #3: Now relive the agony of stepping on one of those little **&&#ers in your bare feet.

Step #4: Remember now you're in one of the still-slumbering children's bedrooms. You can't scream...or give loud voice to that poetic phrase that leapt to mind.

Limp downstairs.

The coffee carafe is empty.

Step #1: This is fine. You can rise above this. Your ancestors have survived storms, starvation, etc. You can certainly get the coffee out and refill the canister.

Step #2: There is no coffee. None.

Step #3: Try to ignore the panic that threatens to engulf you. Breathe.

Step #4: Remember you hid a jar of instant coffee for emergencies such as this.

Step #5: Grab the jar and try not to notice that you are hunched over it protectively whilst hissing "My preciousssss..."

Carry the steaming mug of magical elixir to where you will write.

Carefully place the mug down on a flat surface.

You know what's going to happen...don't you?

Step #1: To hell with those trumpets. Go back to bed and try again later.

Stupid trumpets.


  1. Elspeth - No doubt at all; there are those days when the Universe just says that writing will have to wait. Sometimes we have to be aware of those signs ;-). I'm going to have to take your advice about keeping an emergency ration of coffee hidden (she says as she looks fondly at her steaming full coffee mug) ;-)

  2. LOL

    I am sure my ancestors survived a day without coffee - but then they didn´t write a thing, did they?

  3. Margot; As I learned in the theatre biz, it's always good to have a back up. By the way, a back up for the back up isn't the worst thing in the world either.

    Dorte; Exactly. Go back far enough and they were probably drinking ale for breakfast. Hmmmm....

  4. Drinking ale for breakfast -- yesterday we were up in Cripple Creek having our complimentary breakfast and they served our coffee in glass beer mugs.

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