Tuesday, May 3, 2011

10 of My Writing Mysteries

10. Why is everyone able to write faster than I can?

9. Why do my characters keep forgetting that I'm the one in charge?

8. Why did I write a main character who knows more about a certain subject than I do?

7. Why is it when I'm away from my computer I can write reams in my head but when I sit down at the keyboard I've got nothing to type?

6. Where did my self-confidence go?

5. Why is it the passage I was so proud of yesterday today reveals itself as being as flat and dry as week-old pancakes?

4. Where did that plot hole come from? I swear I didn't write it.

3. Why did I ever think I was capable of writing something anyone would want to read?


1. Forget it. Where's the wine?


  1. You do love playing in my head, don't you. I'm really struggling now with #10. I'm bound and determined to complete this revision, with the exception of the read-aloud round, by the end of May. I have to hustle. How does a turtle hustle?

  2. You are so in my head today. It's irritating writing a chapter or more somewhere it is impossible to record.

  3. Carol; If you figure it out, can you let me know?

    Giggles; Yes, I'm in your head. I'm in many people's heads. It's all part of the plan. Be afraid.

  4. And why is it my job swallows my best working hours? Isn´t that unfair?

  5. LMBO! They're all great and relatable to any writer, but #4 is my favourite - what a stitch, teehee ...

    Marvin D Wilson

  6. Elspeth - I am so sorry it took me so long to stop by here today because this list is so appropriate for me right now! But would you please stop spilling all of my secrets? There's a dear.

  7. Margot; No apologies needed my dear. You're the best. Please accept MY apologies for my lack of comment on YOUR blog. It was fantastic (as usual).

  8. Old Silly; Lovely to see you, my dear! And...thanks!

  9. Those plot holes! I keep falling in mine. :)

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  11. Why DO those characters seem to always forget who's in charge? ;)


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