Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Picture Wednesday

Why is there this?

Ah. You've got a new this...

It's time to do this...

And this...

and this...

If you're worried your plot is doing this...

Ignore it and just keep doing this...

Even when you're faced with this...

You've got to keep doing this...

Even when you're sure your room looks like this...

And you'd swear you're doing this...

Just keep doing this....

And even more this...

And know someday soon you'll be doing this.


  1. I needed this. The new idea is burning a hole in my brain.

  2. Carol; Good luck! Maybe use a fireproof pen.

    Valerie; Thanks! : )

  3. Elspeth - You say more with a few pictures than lots of people say with many thousands of words. The trick is, indeed, to just keep writing and get those ideas down, no matter how messy. Revisions are for later on. That perseverance and the discipline of writing really make the story move along. So does chocolate.

  4. Margot; Coffee doesn't hurt either. Can I just throw some pictures into my NaNo project? I think that would really move me along quickly. Cheating, you say? Bah.

  5. Yep. BICFOK. or BICHOK, although I think the former is more accurate. Wonderful reminder (coming at a perfect time for me) that I need to write first, worry about it later.

    Terry's Place
    Romance with a Twist--of Mystery

  6. Perfect! My office looks just like that. I think that means I'm ready to write...and write...and write.

  7. Terry; I'm glad my timing was good - write away!

    Patricia; My HOUSE looks like that. I'll use writing as an excuse.

  8. Ah, yes...that mound of crumpled paper. Thanks for the laugh!

  9. Must stop blogging and write so I can have a pile of paper like that one. Thanks, Elspeth!

  10. Writing, writing, writing.... when I need a break, I read blogs. I came to yours and you have done well by sending me back to writing, writing,writing. NaNoWriMo is working, working, working.

    I'll return when I have done writing, writing, writing.


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