Tuesday, March 23, 2010

You Might Just Be a Writer If...

You might just be a writer if...

1. You can't read a book without part of your brain analyzing it.

2. You look at scenery and describe it to yourself over and over until you've used the right words.

3. You carry a notebook and pen with you everywhere.

4. You know what POV and WIP stand for.

5. You can talk endlessly about word counts.

6. You watch people constantly, taking note of their clothes and movements.

7. You have no guilt eavesdropping on strangers' conversations.

8. You say you wish you had more time to write, but when you do have time, you spend it doing something else.

9. You know time ceases to run in its normal way when you're writing. An hour can pass in a blink of an eye.

10. You spend half your time convinced your manuscript is fit only for the recycling bin, and half your time hoping it might be a bestseller.

Any additions?


  1. Elspeth - These are absolutely wonderful! Thank you! If I may add...

    ...if you get more caught up in your characters' dramas than in the news that's happening around you.

  2. You might just be a writer if...

    You pick up your cell phone to call your main character.

    You dream a solution to your mystery.


  3. I'd add:

    You have conversations with your characters.

    You consider time spent writing as social, time spent with good if imaginary friends.

    You own more than one dictionary.

  4. I love this list! I'd add, "If you have a dictionary and thesaurus app on your phone."

    Yes, I have both. Sigh.

  5. Margot; LOL! So true...

    Karen; So am I. Sad, isn't it?

    Kit; Great additions! Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment.

    Stephanie; Sigh. I have them on my desktop on my Mac. Used constantly. Sigh again.

  6. People call your name several times in a row because you're working on that troublesome scene in your head.

    Friends call you up on the phone for book recommendations before they go to the beach.

    You're asked how to spell words all the time.



  7. You might be a writer if:
    - you add 'he said' 'she said' after someone speaks to you.

    - you look at people you live with and wonder what WIP they belong with.

    Also, I have an award for you on my blog...it will appear on my post later today.


  8. Elizabeth; Oh yes! I couldn't tell you how many times (mainly because I wasn't listening) my name has to be called sometimes!

    Ann; I wouldn't put anyone here in a book. Too much retribution! Thanks for the award!

  9. You think you've done the things your protagonist has done or visited places they have!
    Yikes - I'm constantly doing that...

  10. OMG so true!
    I had to get a bigger notebook and better pen for my purse. I still haven't found the right description for a sunny day with those puffy black ominous clouds floating around casting random shadows, and I can never find just one hour to write when I probably spent two blogging...
    Plus, you're a writer if, when in the middle of a hysterical-crying-angry fight, you try to pay attention to what this feels like so you can put your MC through it!

  11. Fantastic list, and fantastic additions by everyone else.

    Here's my bit -
    When you find yourself looking back at crossroads in your life, and imagining what might have happened if you had taken the other path, not because you have regrets, but because you want to persuade your character to live the other choice.

    When you look for your MC's phone number in my address book, because you want to talk to her about something.

  12. These were fabulous. Number 1 is me.


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