Thursday, March 4, 2010

Ode to a Manuscript


Oh, how I love thee, manuscript - let me count the ways.
Thy characters - they delight me
Thy dialogue - how it sparkles
Thy twists and turns confound and amaze me.
Surely this is the best manuscript I have ever had the fortune to write.


Oh, how I am bored with thee, manuscript - let me count the ways.
Thy characters are dull and flat
Thy dialogue is trite and unimaginative
Thy twists and turns are obvious
Surely this is the worst manuscript I have ever had the misfortune to write.


Oh, how I rejoice in your finishing, manuscript - let me count the ways.
Thy characters are human and fault-filled
Thy dialogue is informative and funny
Thy twists and turns are many
I complete thee and hope for the best.


  1. Are you going to write Supreme Court rulings in iambic pentameter next? ;)

    Seriously though, glad I checked in. Needed to smile. Thanks.

  2. Elisa; I say this denial is not fit for trial. (never say I can't quote TWW at the drop of a hat)

  3. And that's exactly the way it is. The hardest part is figuring out when to declare a draft the "final" draft. I think it's when we can't bear the thought of reading the darned thing again.

  4. Carol; I'm pleased.

    Patricia; Ain't it the truth?

  5. Wonderful! Thanks for this! And I have nothing to add to it!

  6. Elizabeth - How creative, well-written, and true!! This is just wonderful! I think you must be looking over my shoulder as I write or something, because that is precisely how it is with me!

  7. How true! You put into words how so many of us feel - well done.

  8. Perfect! And Shakespearean, to boot!


  9. Awesome! I haven't got to the 3rd stanza yet - looking forward to it :)

  10. Love it! And it's totally true. I absolutely detested Hatshepsut somewhere around Edit #6. Now I like her again.

  11. Karen; Really, nothing? Aren't you kind.

    Margot; You do say the nicest things. I should carry you around in my pocket.

    Jane; Thank you.

    Elizabeth, Forsooth, my lady, I aimed for truth.

    Jan; Right on, right back!

    Karen; I'm so glad I made you smile.

    Jemi; The third stanza takes the time it takes. It's easy to be stuck on the second.

    Stephanie; Isn't it funny we all get to the point where we despise what we're working on? It's certainly true every time for me.

  12. The seventh draft pretty much captures my current existance. So... you're saying I have something to look forward to? :D


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