Monday, January 4, 2010

New Year, New Business

Here we are, 2010. Where does the time go? I remember New Year's Eve 1999 very clearly. The years seem to go by in a blur. It's somewhat disconcerting.

Digression: Are you calling 2010 'twenty ten' or 'two thousand and ten'? This seems to be a matter of great discussion. Around here, because our Olympics (39 days away) have always been referred to as 'Vancouver twenty ten', the former seems to be the choice. However, 2011 is referred to as 'two thousand eleven'. Very odd.

New Business: I am determined to finish my WIP by the end of February. Determined, I say. I'm trying very hard to take the excellent advice I've gotten from many of you and not worry so much about getting it exactly perfect from the get-go. I'm going to just write and finish the **##ed thing and get it perfect after. Now that I've announced my deadline, I'm hoping fear of public humiliation will serve as a much-needed impetus. I'm keeping Alan Orloff's brilliant acronym in mind: BICHOK (butt in chair, hands on keyboard).

I was also honored to received the "Honest Scrap" award from Michele Emrath of Southern City Mysteries over the holidays. Thank you Michele! In accordance with the rules I shall now share 10 things about me.

1. I have 6 children; 5 girls and 1 boy with an age range of 14 years between oldest and youngest. Don't panic, the eldest three no longer live at home.

2. I attended an all-girl private school.

3. I must have my cup of tea every afternoon.

4. I'm always reading at least one book (sometimes more). I fluctuate between books that involve serious thinking and books that are just fun. (the latter include books by the wonderful Peter Mayle and P.G. Woodhouse).

5. I am a huge contradiction; I'm very shy by nature, but also am happiest being the leader of a group. (it helps I'm a Gemini).

6. I used to be fairly good at gymnastics. I'm confident if I tried any of those moves now, I would break.

7. I studied ballet for many years.

8. I still have my old toe shoes and can still go en pointe.

9. In high school I was a successful debater. I represented my province at the Western Canada Championships and the National Championships.

10. I adore champagne. A lot. It's scary.

I'm not going to pass on the award right now, although I reserve the right to pass it on at a future time.

I'm now going to do my blog tour and read all of your wonderful posts before bringing up my manuscript and continuing to plough through. What is your new business for this new year?


  1. We're calling it 2010, I find it rolls off the tongue easier. Congrats on the award, I enjoyed your list! My new business is cleaning up my old business, read: revisions.

  2. Oh wonderful! I'm so glad I gave it to you so I could learn these new things. You must find some pictures of yourself as a dancer and gymnast and post them! I don't mean you MUST, but it WOULD be nice.
    And anyone who gives the world six new people is entitled to as much champagne as they want! Happy twenty-ten!


  3. Deb; Revisions. Are we ever satisified? Tell me if you get there.

    Michele; Thank YOU for the award! I shall remember your words the next time there's champagne within reach.

    Karen; That sounds like a very sane plan, and thank you for the compliment!

  4. Missed readng your posts!

    I've decided to split from the pack and call the year "oh-ten" (or, as a backup, "Jeffrey")

    On my agenda for the year: finish WILS, get my book finances in order, and world domination. Not necessarily in that order.

    My sister has resolved to eat more cookies, and I'm inclined to join her, although that would cut down on the pop tarts...

  5. Elisa; Oh, I've missed you! I like the Jeffrey option, although, for me, it would have to be spelled "Geoffrey" because that's how my son's name is spelled.

    I'm with you on world domination, but I'm trying to keep it under wraps. I'm also with both you and your sister about eating more cookies or pop tarts. Can we include cake?

  6. Oh ten, forget the twenty, we know already. My business for the year is to keep my wips whipping - either finished and finding homes, or in revision, or polishing, or not done yet but working on it. Everything must be MOVING or I'll bag it and kick it to the curb. There. That sounded very definite!
    Oh Elspeth, loved reading your ten - give us another ten won't ya? I'll send you a reward if you do....

  7. Good luck getting your WIP done by the end of Feb--I know you can do it! If you've raised six children, you can do just about anything!

    BICHOK, Elspeth, BICHOK!

  8. Hello Elspeth!
    We're calling it twenty ten. Sounds less intimidating than two thousand and ten. I took gymnastics for years when I was younger also. I still do a cartwheel every now and then, just to entertain the neices and nephews. Can you say headrush? I'd better stick to yoga :)

    Happy Monday,

  9. Yes. Let us include cake. (Although can we really eat *more*? LOL)

  10. Elspeth - Congratulations on your richly-deserved award : ). Thanks for sharing a little of you with us, too. I see that we have in common that we both studied gymnastics. I'm envious that you have a ballet background; I begged for lessons as a child, to no avail.

    Let's see, now.. in 2010... I, too, am determined to finish my WIP. It's not very far along yet, as I had to go back to the begninning and start over (trust me - I had to). Most disheartening, but it will be better for the step back. I look forward to reading yours when it's done.

  11. Jan; 10 more things? Wouldn't you be bored? More importantly, what' the reward?

    Alan; It's such good advice. Sound, sensible, and hard to follow.

    Jen; A cartwheel is one thing I can still do. Back handsprings are behind me.

    Margot; I admire you for beginning from the beginning again. Wow. I'm sure it's terrific and I'd love you to read mine once it's done.

  12. Enjoyed the 10 things about you. It is always so much fun to know more about a person than just the professional side. Thinking about en pointe makes my toes ache. LOL

    My goal for early "0 ten" is to get my humorous memoir in shape to send out should one of the agents I queried be anxious to represent it.

  13. I have old shoes and boots from college. I can't get into them anymore. Shoot, I can't even get into shoes I bought three years ago. I've got a closet full of shoes I can't wear because my feet are growing - as if they weren't humongous enough already. Uh, what question did you ask? Oh yeah, how do I say 2010. Actually, I use both of those that you listed. Guess I'll wait to hear what is "official" before I settle on one.

    Straight From Hel

  14. Around here they say two thousand and ten, but twenty ten sounds better to me. You've got me beat by one child, I only have five. My oldest is 16 years older than his baby brother. I took my time.

  15. Maryann; Going en pointe hurts in real life too. Trust me. Those dancers are in pain. Best of luck with the agent search. I'll get there in time...

    Helen; I have very small feet. I've had them described as 'freakishly small' which gave me a nice fuzzy feeling. As for how to say the date, I'm waiting too, but I'm hoping for twenty ten.

    Elizabeth; Slacker!!! It's nice to know another woman who's had more than two.

  16. Congrats on your award, Elspeth. Well deserved. I love learning things about people. We have something else in common ... all those ballet lessons.

  17. I'm not at all surprised by the list of your many skills and accomplishments. You just *seem* like a pretty talented gal. Now, let's see if we can get your MS en pointe by the deadline, eh?

    Best Regards, Galen.
    Imagineering Fiction Blog

  18. Carol; How nice to discover we have something else in common!

    Galen; Well, aren't you the sweetest thing? As for the deadline, I shall try my best. Really. No, really.

  19. Congrats on the award! Another retired gymnast here - although I too can still do a cartwheel. Always scares the kids a little :)

    We're saying 20-10 too over here in Ontario!

  20. Jemi; Thank you. Nice to discover another person who knows the pain. My gymnastics history lingers; everytime it rains, if you get my meaning. Where are you in Ontario?

  21. Congratulations, Elspeth. Your ten things are fun -- I'm also a fan of Peter Mayle and have many of his books on my keeper shelf.

    And ballet -- I once wanted to be a ballerina, but I have bad knees and I'm clumsy. It just didn't work out. I'm very impressed you can still go en pointe when I can't even point my toes without getting a cramp.

    I'll be saying twenty-ten. I'll decide about 2011 when I get there.

    And those darned manuscripts...we'll get there very soon, Elspeth. I feel it in my bones.

  22. At least two things in common--I LOVE champagne--lots of it--and I have a WIP I INTEND to finish by the end of February! More, yes, but those two jumped out at me!

  23. Elspeth I loved this list. I always envied those girls who did things like ballet and gymnastics.

    We say 20-10 because we're having the 20-10 World Cup in South Africa this year and the whole subcontinent is excited!

    I read the other day how Enid Blyton started a 60,000 word book on Monday and had it finished on Friday. Channel some of Enid and I think the Feb. deadline will be a breeze.

  24. Patricia; I hope your optimism about the manuscripts proves to be correct!

    Sylvia; You're another another champagne lover? Excellent.

    Lauri; I'm so excited about the World Cup. I root for England since Canada never qualifies.

  25. Congratulations on your award. Few people deserve one more than you do!


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