Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Writing Mysteries

It all starts with this...

and this...

Who could look like this...

The road they travel never looks like this...

But more like this...

The method of murder might be this...

Or this...

But your detective is not usually lucky enough to encounter this...

But there is always plenty of this...

Some clues will lead to this...

So they keep traveling along this...

And eventually they will have this...

Which will be backed up by this...

They'll know their solution is this...

So they get out this (real or symbolic)

And capture their this...

who might just look like this...

All the plots look like this...

Which will bring us to this...

But you know around the corner, there will be this...


  1. Elspeth, I truly have not come across a blogger as creative as you. You never cease to make me smile!

  2. AA; Gracious! You'll have me smiling all day. Thanks so much!

  3. What a clever post. AA is right, you are very creative in what you offer on your blog, and it is always so enjoyable.

  4. I LOVE when you make these picture stories! This one is great.

  5. Maryann; Thanks to you as well! Let's hope agents and editors share your opinion.

  6. Carol; They are fun to do. I LOVE that people love them! I'm such a glutton for approval...pity me.

  7. Elizabeth; You're back!! I'm so glad to see you reappear. I've missed your blog.

  8. Karen; Thank you. I'll try to continue making you smile. It makes an interesting juxtaposition to writing about murder!

  9. Yes, yes, yes. I love how your murderers look. Now I'll know who to watch for - scary grandma lady. Great post again.


  10. I agree with Alliterative...I'm loving your posts of late. You're on a roll!


  11. I'm in awe -- not only in your creativity, but your patience in finding these perfect images.

  12. Clarissa; Ah, but sometimes scary grandma lady turns out to be Miss Marple. Never judge a character from the outside...

    Michele; Thanks! Let's hope the roll continues! Or perhaps it may become a doughnut - no one knows.

  13. Terry; Thanks! It helps that I think in a rather visual way, so these posts are quite easy to put together.

  14. Elspeth - Thank you for this fabulous post!! I love the pictorial journey through the murder mystery : ). I think I like best where you make it clear that the sleuth or murderer could be, well, just about anyone. That's what makes mysteries so much fun.... : ). But, er, where are the blind alleys, and where is the red herring?!? ; )

  15. Margot; You don't see blind alleys - they're blind. And red herrings are in the clues - no one expects a red herring to actually LOOK like a red herring!

  16. Always enjoy these photos. Where ever do you find all those great photos? You're a master at telling a story with photos.

    Thoughts in Progress

  17. I love your blogs in pictures! They are always so clever!

  18. What fun you are! I wish we could sit and have a (drink picture here) and shoot the (picture of a breeze here)!

  19. Fun :) I am definitely on that windy road!

  20. Mason; The net is full of wonderful pictures and thanks for the kind words.

    WT; I don't know if they're all that clever, but I'm pleased you like them!

    Jan; I wish we could have a (drink picture here) (numeral 2 here)!

    Jemi; Better windy than straight. It's always more interesting to not know what's around the next bend, in my opinion.

  21. This is really fantastic. I am almost tempted to print it out.
    You really should make a book out of your some of your blog posts.

  22. Rayna; Do you really think so? What a kind thing to say. Thank you.

  23. They say a picture’s worth a thousand words and you prove it! What a fun post.

  24. I love these pictures stories!
    Do you do children stories, too?
    Giggles and Guns

  25. I love them! Particularly your villain, who looks fresh from having tied someone to a railroad track. :)

  26. Jane; Thanks! Too bad I can't put pictures into my manuscript to ratchet up the word count.

    Maribeth; No, I don't. Maybe someday...

    Elizabeth; Isn't he magnificent? There's nothing like an old-time, mustache-twirling, cape-wearing villain. Bring on the popcorn.


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