Thursday, September 22, 2011

Thirties Thursday

Here in the northern hemisphere, it's the first full day of fall. Let's look at hats from 1935. Back then, you'd have never left the house without one. Now, hat-sporters garner odd looks and are often judged as eccentrics. Times change.

But, I still wear a hat from time to time. I like hats.


  1. Elspeth - Oh, what elegant hats! Some of them are just lovely :-). This is another of those posts of yours that reminds me of things my mother has said to me. When she was a young woman (admittedly a bit after this time period), you simply didn't go anywhere without a hat. I even remember (vaguely) a few of hers...

  2. I love hats, though your pictures won't load for me today...I'm imagining them. My they are lovely.
    I always heard 'if you can't carry a gun, wear a big hat.' no idea what that means but I swear by it.

  3. In my younger days, I never left the house without a hat. Alas, those days are gone but I'm proud to say my daughters are carrying on the tradition. Nothing as glamorous as any of these though :-)

  4. Margot; Isn't it interesting that in a relatively short period of time wearing hats has gone from a necessity to an eccentricity?

    Jan; I've never heard that before but I love, love, LOVE it.

    Sarah; Hat-wearers, unite! I'd love some of these hats, but can you imagine the prices?

  5. I am SO not a hat person, but now that we live in Colorado I actually have hats--a ball cap for hiking, knit caps for winter warmth, and 2 cowboy hats just for fun. When everyone's wearing hats, I feel less dorky.

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    Romance with a Twist--of Mystery

  6. I'm also not much of a hat person. I only have my bush hat which is mandatory for the sun here. Perhaps I must reconsider.


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