Friday, September 23, 2011

Fun Friday

Some views of my little corner of the world in autumn.

Take a moment.


See you Monday.


  1. Elspeth - Oh, this is so incredibly lovely! How fortunate you are! Thank you for sharing this. You've got real talent as a photographer. I must admit, this makes me awfully homesick for autumn...

  2. What a beautiful video. So glad that you have those vivid colors in the fall. We usually have pretty colors here in East Texas in the fall, but the drought has pretty well killed the splendor for this year. I hope enough trees survive to burst out in color next year.

  3. Elspeth, the video was so lovely. I'm officially jealous - we're still having 100 degree afternoons here in San Antonio, but we're hoping this weekend will be the last of it until next summer.

  4. Sarah; Aren't they lovely? They're not here yet - but will be in a few weeks.

    Margot; Gracious - *I* didn't take this video! Someone else in Vancouver did and posted it on youtube. I'm so glad you liked the views. Come and visit some time!

    Maryann; I've read and seen pictures of the Texas drought. Devastating.

    Carol; 100 degree afternoon would melt me. Please tell me you have air conditioning.

  5. What beautiful pictures. I love the rich colours of autumn. Thanks for sharing!


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