Friday, September 16, 2011

Fun Friday

Welcome to another edition of Fun Friday! You can't go wrong with funny bumper stickers. Or maybe you can, but what's life without a little risk?

Have a great weekend, everyone.

Nicely put...

I'd avoid this car, if I were you...

Points for honesty...

Sad, but true...

Oh dear...

Good idea...but I forsee a few problems...

However, you will note the sticker is right by the gas cap...

Don't you love irony?
Fair warning.

Brief. Succinct. Winner.
Here's an important philosophical question...
And a final one for all of us...


  1. Those are fun. I want to make the one about terrifying strangers my mantra (and I don't write horror!) :-)

  2. Oh, Elspeth, these are wonderful! Actually, the one about the blogging is my favourite - brilliant! The one about the insurance coverage is especially funny, too :-)

  3. Love the I Brake for Tailgaters one. Happy Weekend!

  4. Funnies. I love them all especially the animal crackers. Adding you to my blog roll. I hope your day is starting out great.

  5. I love the you are herr one. Classic!

  6. Love starting the day (OK, so I'm not really STARTING--I've actually done some stuff!) with a smile.

    Terry's Place
    Romance with a Twist--of Mystery

  7. If the rest of the number were on that sticker, I'd call and say your blogging is just fine. LOL

  8. Sarah; And you should make it your mantra. Why? Because it's fun.

    Margot; Glad you liked them! You've got to teach me how to be able to make words italicized in comments.

    Elizabeth; You're welcome! Have a great weekend.

    Carol; It has just the right note of revenge, doesn't it? Have a great weekend.

    Robyn; Thanks for the add - but if it's just for the class, feel free to delete me - I'm having to drop out due to too much on my plate.

    Krista; Glad you liked it!

    Terry; I love that you take the time to leave a comment! Thanks.

    Maryann; Aw, thanks, Maryann! Your blogging is just fine too!

  9. I love this. I really needed a laugh or my head would be hitting the keyboard and droll spilling out! Thanks,
    W.S. Gager on Writing

  10. Your blogging today is funny and entertaining. Please forgive the comment instead of a call ;o]


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