Thursday, January 27, 2011

Thirties Thursday

Here are some ads from the 1930s. Enjoy.

I can't quite see this being printed now...

Some things never change...

I think I'll look for my happiness elsewhere...

I'm not sure what I like more - the men's swimsuits, or the idea that they need to grease their hair before swimming...

Ooh la la!

Before you choke on the £225 price, let me tell you that £225 in 1935 (date of the ad) would be £13, 224 today. (about $21,000 US)


  1. Elspeth - I just love those ads. Such an interesting perspective on the way people thought in those days (Happy because they eat lard? Really?). I think these things just give us such a window on the culture of the times....

  2. I posted a Thirties ad today for National Chocolate Cake Day:

    Pretty sexist copy...

  3. Lard. Tobacco. How did anyone survive? I know someone who would love that car!

  4. Ads tell us so much about the times. One humor writer said he used to save "important" newspaper clippings, but it ended up that the ads on the back were always more significant as the years went by.

    Terry's Place
    Romance with a Twist--of Mystery

  5. Oh, these are wonderful!

    With regard to the cigarette add, I always laugh when I read Dorothy Sayers´ Murder Must Advertise where Wimsey argues that women don´t smoke nearly as much as men, something that must be remedied :D

  6. Thanks for the exercise in perspective...


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