Monday, January 3, 2011

New Year, New Determination

Yes, I'm back. Please hold your applause.

Although I haven't been posting this past week, I have cruised about the blogosphere and I send my endless admiration to those of you who continued posting through the holidays. This demonstrated discipline. Determination. These are qualities I sometimes lack. Well, maybe more than sometimes.

If any of you are feeling the urge to applaud now; squash the urge.

I'm not usually a resolution-maker, but this year (or this month) I'm trying on those coats of discipline and determination. I want to finish up old projects and start some new ones. So, here is my plan of attack:

1. Write each day for an alloted period of time.

2. Attack the shortest projects first.

3. Send my finished games to my editor.

4. Ignore my quaking knees and bats in my stomach and put my manuscript in front of fresh eyes. (this will be tricky)

One of my Christmas gifts was a calendar featuring pictures of chickens. I am determined that this present should not be seen as foreshadowing.

I'm happy to be back. Here's to 2011!

Applause now would be appropriate.

Or, money is always appreciated.


  1. {Clapping} Sounds like a good plan to me!

    Wow...a calendar of chickens! Were they at least cute chickens? Or chickens with an attractive landscape in the background?

  2. Elizabeth; There is one handsome chicken per month along with a witty saying. Please note, I am NOT a chicken person; but this calendar amuses me.

  3. {Loud Applause} Good for you, Elspeth! I really admire the goals you've set for yourself not only because they are worthy goals but because they are achievable. I really like the idea of attacking shorter projects first and getting fired up with the "I can do this" mentality. I shall do that myself, I think. Good to have you back!! Oh, and I like the chickens, too, even though I haven't seen them, and I'm not a chicken person either.

  4. Great resolutions, especially #4.

    I don't see a problem with not posting during the holidays. The publishing world kind of goes into hibernation at the end of December.

    Chickens and witty sayings? Is this the new incarnation of Chick Lit?

  5. Determination? As I have been blogging most days *instead of* writing fiction, it is not exactly something I am proud of. But today went better so I hope I am getting out of the mire.

  6. Since blogging is a way to put off working on my manuscript, I wouldn't call it discipline when I blog!

  7. My critique partner has a coop full of naked chickens that dance for achievements. I'll tell her to bring them out for you. Keep going.

  8. Margot; Thank you for the applause *bows humbly* (yes, it's possible, it's all in the facial expression). I really think I need a sense of achievement and finishing the shorter projects first will give me a taste of it.

    Anne; Chick lit? LOL!! Well done!

    Dorte; Honestly, that's been my way for some time. I've written my blog post and consoled myself that at least I've written something. But my actual writing has been sadly neglected. Neglected things tend to wither. In my experience, withering is never good.

    Stephanie; Lucky you; two birds with one stone!

    Carol; Naked chickens? That dance? I'm intrigued. Thanks for the fascinating visual.

  9. I just opened my WIP and the last 'save as' date was 12.21. On the other hand, I did get my back list book read, edited, re-read, re-edited and up for sale at Smashwords & the Kindle store, so I'm counting that as productivity. Oh, and there was the pesky matter of designing the cover (which is my blog topic today)

    Terry's Place
    Romance with a Twist--of Mystery

  10. Dearest Elspeth,
    Hurrah! I like your intentions - they are most honourable!
    Now as to chickens - I am an expert having a flock for a couple of years. Chickens ain't chicken. My rooster, Jackmo, took on a rottweiler this summer and won! Well, didn't lose. Chickens are adventurous and brave so I hope you're a plucky little chicken this year - I am going to be!

  11. Terry; It sounds as if you have been mighty productive; congrats! I wouldn't know where to start in designing a cover. Well done, you.

    Dearest Jan; I shall take your wise words to heart and try my darnedest to be a plucky little chicken. Your rooster is impressive. Wow...there's a sentence I never thought I'd write. Let us be chickens together. Coastal chickens. Cluckers, unite!

  12. Great goals. I hope we can succeed in our goals this year.

  13. Clapping for you, Elspeth. It's good to set realistic goals, and I always start the new year invigorated by setting some of my own. Like you, a major one is to spend more time writing fiction. I have been doing a lot of the same things Terry mentioned, and that kind of productivity is good, but it doesn't replace that hour or two of creating something new. I got to do that today, and it felt so good to be back in the groove.

  14. A fine list there, Elspeth. *Checks loose change in pocket, puts the coins back and applauds heartily*

    I think that #1 has already derailed me for this year...

  15. Good for you for making this list. I am sure someone with your stamina can stick to it. If not, there are always the chickens. And what exactly does a "chicken person" look liked anyway?


  16. Good luck with all your goals, Elspeth! I think that 'small tasks first' is an effective way to feel like you are making progress. (it's often why I often break my big ones into several small--so I can cross things off my list with satisfying frequency)


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