Monday, August 10, 2009

Computer Woes

Oh woe for my laptop! Sing sad dirges and beat a muffled drum!

Something has occurred. I have no idea what's wrong, but my laptop decided to go 'ping' and die. This is not good news for me. I have written on the household's PC but it's much better for me and much better for continuing peace on the home front if I do my writing on another computer. I wandered around yesterday like a lost sheep and was in a highly irritable mood. I'm hoping that the Mac store can fix it without the cost bringing tears to my eyes.

It has served as another reminder of how superstitious I can be. Once I have found a workable routine I like to stick to it, not to mention the feeling of 'this worked before, it will work again'.

Are all creative types superstitious? Do you have certain routines that you feel happier following? And please...send good vibrations to my laptop.


  1. My little morning routines (coffee, English Muffin, newspaper, check in on blog, etc.) rule. One the other hand, the rest of my schedule is chaos. I must have two (at least two) personalities running my life.

  2. Oh, dear, a dead…or maybe semi-comatose is a better phrase…laptop. Not good. Sigh. Trust me, I feel your pain. Much of my life, personal, professional, and financial is tied up on my laptop. I guard it jealously, lock it up, lock it down, and keep my eye on it. I even to a semblance of backup…at least the important stuff. So, here’s sending you lots of good thoughts about your computer and wishing the best for you and it. I know it’ll be fine. Maybe cost a couple of bucks, but, it’ll be worth it to get it back and running in fine form.

    Best Regards, Galen
    Imagineering Fiction Blog


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