Tuesday, May 18, 2010

A Conversation

Writer: It's raining.

Conscience: And your point is...?

Writer: I don't feel like writing.

Conscience: And this should be important because...?

Writer: It won't be any good.

Conscience: You don't know that. You've just got to hunker down and do this little thing.

Writer: But...

Conscience: But what? What's your excuse now?

Writer: (looking annoyed) Excuse me?

Conscience: See, that's clever. Write it down.

Writer: I didn't mean to be clever. It just came out that way.

Conscience: Even better. Now get writing.

Writer: But I should be...

Conscience: Stop. Let me guess. Doing the laundry. Baking. Cleaning the house. Clearing out the filing cabinet. Repainting the...

Writer: Okay, okay I get your point.

Conscience: Another clever remark. Are you writing this down? You'll forget.

Writer: It's just...the book.

Conscience: Which book? You could be talking about many things here. Yours? Someone else's?

Writer: The book I'm reading. It's so well done. The plot, the characters, the twists... I'll never write like that.

Conscience: No. You write like you. Accept it. Build a bridge and get over it.

Writer: Easy for you to say.

Conscience: (smiles)

Writer: Stop smiling. You're not the one trying to feel their way to the end. You're not the one rewriting chapters. You're not the one moving things around. You're not the one tearing their hair out because it's just not good enough.

Conscience: How do you know it's not good enough? You don't. Get it out there and see what others think. You might be pleasantly surprised.

Writer: Or not.

Conscience: (shrugs) Or not. You don't know. Are you a writer?


Conscience: Then...write. Call me when you get out the chocolate.

Writer: Why?

Conscience: No one can be good all the time.


  1. LOL. You crack me up! Very nicely done! hahhaa

  2. That is so funny and clever (write that down) ... now, I have to get back to my dishes and chocolate and laundry ... ahem, I mean writing.

    Love your blog.


  3. Clarissa; *blush* Thank you! I love your pictures of London - and your blog.

    Karen; What a lovely thing to share. Thanks!

  4. Elspeth - Thanks for this. But I do wish you'd stop broadcasting my own inner battles to the whole world ; ). You always know exactly how to help us all through this writing thing. No wonder I visit just about every day...

  5. Margot; I can't tell you how grateful I am that you DO visit almost every day! I can't tell you...wow...I'm so impressed that I call myself a writer.

  6. Elspeth (love that name by the way)

    You are just what I wanted to read on this yet again rainy day!
    Giggles and Guns

  7. Love that conversation- it's similar to one I seem to be having a lot lately!

  8. Maribeth; I'm glad you like my name - I can't stand it. I'm so glad you enjoyed the post.

    Stephanie; I'm pleased to learn I'm not the only one having this conversation. That really would be disheartening.

  9. Call me when you get to the chocolate too!

    I love the line "you will write like you" - gotta keep remembering that one!

  10. Jemi; The truth is that's all any of us can do.

  11. Love it! Thanks for the smile, Elspeth.

  12. excellent and just what I needed to hear. Keep having those conversations so I can piggyback to enlightenment (well let's say published!). Keep swimming, keep swimming, keep swimming.

  13. You are fantastic. I really can't wait to read the conversations in your book. Now get back to writing!


  14. I'm always a day late getting to these posts, but that doesn't make them any less rewarding. Great.

  15. That's awesome! I have conversations like that every day :)


  16. Elizabeth; Thank you! I'm happy it made you smile.

    Jan; That's the trick - channel your inner Dory.

    Michele; What a lovely thing to say. I hope I can live up to your expectations.

    Terry; Thanks. I'm grateful you stop by - and thanks so much for the RTs on Twitter!

    Jen; Thank you. I think many writers have had this conversation many, many times.

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