Thursday, June 9, 2011

Thirties Thursday

Here's a tune to get you into a 1930s mood with a wonderful recording made at the time. Time to put on your dancing shoes!


  1. There's something about this song that just makes you want to dance. You can't help yourself and before you know it, you're also smiling. Thanks for this ray of sunshine today.

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  2. Elspeth - Oh, most definitely this is a wonderful song! I just love the Big Band feel, too. What an era, musically speaking...

  3. I love Big Bands and this is one of my favorite numbers.

  4. Mason; Isn't a little dance and smile a great way to start the day? I'm glad you liked it.

    Margot; I love the Big Band sound - love, love, love it.

    Giggles; I'm pleased you liked it.


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