Tuesday, June 28, 2011

10 Signs You're Almost Finished

10. You can't remember the actual number of drafts you've written.

9. You question the placement of every plot point.

8. Although you're still in love with your main character, you're ready for a break.

7. Your writing seems tight one day and sloppy the next.

6. You're convinced this is the worst thing you've ever written.

5. You're hopeful this is the best thing you've ever written.

4. You're sure you've tied up all your plot lines, but you know in your heart there's one still out there...dangling.

3. You're on a first name relationship with your thesaurus. (Roget, my dear, come here!)

2. You're amazed by the conflicting urges to, on the one hand, cherish your manuscript, but on the other, to throw it up against a wall.

1. A new idea has evolved from being a small whisper in the back of your brain to a screaming banshee in the front.


  1. Elspeth - This is ringing so true for me. I actually am almost through with my WIP (just a few pages more - really!), and so much of what you have here resonates. Oddly enough, just the other night I was chatting with my husband about the plot of my next book. This is a sign of some sort, I think...

  2. I got around No. 1 by starting to write a secondary WIP. I can see this becoming a dangerous habit...

  3. Can't argue with those points.

  4. "6. You're convinced this is the worst thing you've ever written.

    5. You're hopeful this is the best thing you've ever written."

    Yes, and yes.
    And mine's not even close to done yet.

  5. Are you telling me throwing the manuscript against is NOT a legitimate part of the writing process? Really?

  6. Margot; Congratulations on being almost finished! I envy you.

    Paul; Starting a new project is always exciting, but actually finishing one feels even better.

    cambronwriter; Thanks! I'm glad you liked my post.

    Elisa; It's frustrating but true. I've every confidence you'll power through because you always do! You're my hero.

    Giggles; It works for me. Of course, I'm not saying it works WELL.

  7. Thank you for this. It really sounds like I must be getting close. I am going back and forth on it so much that it is making me nuts!

  8. Liz; You're welcome! I'm not going back and forth but I *am* going round and round!


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