Tuesday, April 12, 2011

10 Questions Every Writer Asks

10. Where did that idea go? I had it last night...

9. When did my coffee get cold?

8. Why do I keep writing character who are experts in fields that I am not?

7. What happens next?

6. Why don't I have three hands? (two to type and one to hold a tasty snack)

5. How did I not notice I have characters named Jim, Tim and Kim? (unless they're triplets, I've got a problem...)

4. Why did no one tell me that it takes a long time to write 80,000 words?

3. Why did no one tell me it takes even longer to write 80,000 good words?

2. Why did no one buy more coffee?

1. When will this d**%%$ed thing be finished?


  1. This is a coffee snorter! All points are so very true -- on a daily basis even ;0)

  2. Elspeth - Oh, those are definitely the deep and true questions that writers ask!! I love it. I also ask myself, "How could the computer have eaten my ten pages of revision notes!?" Not fun.

  3. #11: Where are the cookies?


  4. Giggles; If you deemed this post worthy of coffee snorting (although that sounds kinda bad), I'm pleased.

    Margot; OH NO!!! I hope you're kidding. That would be just too mean. Computers can be evil.

    Elisa; Doesn't that go without saying? Besides, what did you think I meant when I referred to a tasty snack? CARROTS??? Please.

  5. LOL love all of these. But it took me a while to read as no. 1 reminded me that I'd had an idea just as I was falling asleep last night... nope, *poof* gone. Damn it.

  6. Girl Friday; Oops. Sorry. Maybe it'll show up again tonight. Bring paper.

  7. oy...what about number 11. There's a power bill due? Huh?
    Jan Morrison

  8. Jan; Oy indeed. The practicalities of life do tend to intrude upon the creative process. Damn them anyway.

  9. This is so funny, especially because I thought I would be reading a serious how to post. lol

    Thanks for the laugh.

  10. Ha! Jim, Tim, and Kim!! I think I've done that before...

    #2 gave me chills. Coffee is one of those things I don't even check before I go to the store--I get it *every* time I go to the store. :)


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