Thursday, March 10, 2011

Thirties Thursday

Here's a gem showcasing what fashion designers of the 1930s thought our clothes would look like in 2000.

And speaking of predictions...I'm still waiting for my personal jet pack and flying car.


  1. How neat and the fact that they got several points right is a little scary. LOL The hairdos were a little over the top. Wonder what those designers would think about our fashions now.

    Thoughts in Progress

  2. This is hilarious! I wouldn't mind the one outfit that could be adapted for day and night and the little container for "candies for cuties", though that sound like some sort of tip from a pedophile. :(

  3. Elspeth - Oh, this is pricesless! Thank you so much for sharing. I think it's fascinating to get a look at what those people thought we would be like. The light bulb was just toooo hilarious! And ya know what? I want my jet pack, too!

  4. Mason; You do have to wonder what they'd think about our actual fashions, don't you?

    Lauri; I agree, the 'candies for cuties' mention does sound a tad nefarious to our ears.

    Margot; I always find it interesting how we think we'll be so far ahead than where we actually are. However, if those people could see smart phones and our ipods, I'm sure they'd be flabbergasted.

  5. It looks Devo and MC Hammer picked up on the men's design... The phone strapped to the chest was fantastic. Screw the iPhone -- I SO want one of *those*.

    And the lightbulb hair accessory is actually a rather ingenius idea -- reading in bed, anyone?

    Strange, I didn't see anyone with a thermal-insulated silver jumpsuit.

    Such fun! Thanks for sharing!

  6. Elisa; LOL! I take your point about Devo and MC Hammer. As for the lightbulb hair; it *would* be handy for reading in bed, but I went to the cartoon picture of 'Oh, an idea just occurred!". Yes, my brain works in an odd and mysterious way.

  7. Gracious! They weren't far off. How funny. We do wear phones -- and music and much more. Women go beyond see-through necklines. That video is more spot-on than most.

  8. Always look forward to what you've got to share. These are great -- and some were right on. I've stopped wearing dresses and skirts (unless it's something VERY special!)

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  9. Helen; On one level they certainly had the right vision; it just needed to be sharpened a bit. However, they were on the right road!

    Terry; I'm so glad you enjoy these posts, Terry. I've actually decided to try and wear skirts and dresses more often; I don't know if I'll follow through!

  10. I can't believe how close they were in some things. Loved the phone and lightbulb.

  11. Carol; Aren't they great? I think that lightbulb would be handy on dark stormy nights; although now it would have to be an energy-saving bulb instead of the old incandescent...

  12. I so want a man 'fitted with a phone' - it sounds so industrial!

    You must spend soooo much time looking for these things to make us laugh - thank you!


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