Tuesday, March 29, 2011

10 Reasons Writers Might Drink

There's that stereotype out there that we writers are a hard-drinkin' lot. This may not be completely true, but here are 10 occurrences that might tempt you to slurp from the nearest bottle.

10. You've written the same scene not twice but four times.

9. You've written three afternoons in the same day.

8. Your vegetarian character is tucking hungrily into a steak dinner.

7. You have six characters' names all starting with the same letter.

6. You're sure you've finished polishing your manuscript. Sure. Positively, absolutely sure. Then you see the phrase "this writing sucks, this writing sucks" mid-way down page 53.

5. No one told you writing takes time and discipline. It's like...a job.

4. Your happily-married pair of characters spend the entire book fighting.

3. You spent 2 hours at your laptop. You wrote 1 sentence worth keeping.

2. You're stare resentfully at the thick volumes lining your bookshelves as "How did they manage to do it?" blares in your head.


1. Writing is like a marriage. There will be days (or weeks) when divorce seems like your best option. Power through. Or...have a drink.


  1. I've found some days I just am not feeling my story. And then I get a burst of inspiration and write like wildfire. But if I'm really honest, when I stick with it and write every day and make myself put pen to paper (or keyboard key to screen!), I do much better...

  2. Stephanie; You've made a very good point; writing every day is the key. It's all about self-discipline.

    Elizabeth; I'm sure it's a myth.

  3. A glass of red wine a day is good, I hear, especially for writers who need a muse! Book Dilettante

  4. I have another: Snooki and Perez Hilton have book deals you can only dream bout. Break out the booze!

  5. Book Dilettante; I'll take a glass of white, please.

    Sue Ann; Indeed. Far better to have a glass of something than pound your head repeatedly against a hard surface.

  6. I like to sti down at night and sometimes drink a bottle of good vino. Nothing wrong with that. I do stay off Facebook and Twitter though. The three rules of Twitter: Tweet, Retweet, and don't drink and Tweet.

  7. The happiest days are the "bliss" days when everything's right and wonderful. But often the most productive days are those when writing is work.

  8. Elspeth - Oh, those are such good, good reasons why alcohol and writing so often are mixed. I can especially identify with #2 and #3. Grrr!!! Pass the chardonnay, please!

  9. Stephen; Those are wise, wise rules.

    Helen; How wonderful it would be if we could pass each day in creative bliss! However, the dull reality is writing is work 99% of the time, with 1% bliss.

    Margot; #2 makes me mean. I'm relieved to know someone else knows my pain!

  10. 9 and 7 sound terribly well-known.

    With regard to 8 it is hardly the writer´s fault that a hungry carnivore lurks inside each and every vegetarian, is it? ;)

  11. For me it's not reach for the bottle, but the chocolate. (Although I have had the occasional day where even for me that bottle looked appealing.)

    Loved #s 5, 7, and 8.


  12. I'm all about #3. Then, it's time to hit the bottle. I'm kidding, of course.

  13. Dorte; #9 hasn't happened to me, but #7 sure has. I don't why I get fixated on certain letters. Most annoying.

    Elisa; Chocolate makes any day seem better. Whatever works...

  14. Sharon; I feel your pain. Those days are indeed bottle-worthy. Of course, I *know* none of us never actually do it!

  15. Your Top 10 lists are way better than David Letterman's!

  16. Mary; That sound you just heard was my head swelling. Great. Now I'll have to buy new hats. Seriously though...thanks very much for the compliment.

  17. oh, I absholutely cannot agree with this post,Elshpeth! Except, poshsibly, for number 9. Hey, that would make a great song - Number 9 - shomebody should do that. kind of in a chanty way, you know...number nine number nine number nine...
    And how about that number five. jeeeeeesh, thatsh so true. I mean...what was I saying? ah fugedaboudid.

  18. What? Me drink? Naaaaah! Ooops, just read your list. Totally me, sigh ... fix me a strong one, please?

    Marvin D Wilson

  19. Should I send over the butler with the G&T?

  20. Jan; Yesh, I agree. You're tho thmart.

    Old Silly; If we couldn't laugh, we would surely cry. Thanks for dropping in! Loved your post today.

  21. And since it's a job, what's wrong with a bit of happy hour after work!

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