Friday, July 9, 2010

Fun Friday

Welcome to another edition of Fun Friday. Today I bring you computer error messages. These are fun. Have a great weekend!

This is one I wish really did exist, just for its brutal honesty.

Sometimes, it just needs to be simple...

This is one bossy computer...

We've all had days like this...

Isn't this a no-brainer?

Oh dear...

Finally! A computer error message I understand!


  1. Elspeth - Oh, this is the story of my life!! I love it! And then there's the error message (this is a real one, too!): Keyboard Not Connected. Press F1 to Continue.

  2. Hahahaha! Yes, I'll have some wine, please.

  3. Just seeing these boxes makes my heart jump into my throat...doesn't even matter what the boxes are *saying*, it just means I've lost data or the website I was on! :)

  4. Carol; Have a great weekend!

    Elizabeth; I know exactly what you mean. I always see the boxes as signs of impending doom. Thank heavens for System Restore!

  5. Man, I wish my computer would pop up that last one!

    Happy weekend!

  6. Stephanie; Have a wonderful time in Greece, you lucky, lucky girl!

  7. THese are so funny. I'm actually good at computers and don't really like Windows but most of my programs dont run on Linux, so....


  8. ROFL! Brilliant. Thanks so much for sharing these. Good giggles.

  9. oh I could just about barf when i see these - i usually go all girly and just yell 'Ron, I frigged up again! Helllup!'

  10. Oh, were these supposed to be FUN? I think they are more scary than most of the crime fiction I read!!!

    (And of course that is why I sent the link to my husband :D)


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