Monday, July 12, 2010


In summer I will...

Lose track of which weekday it is.

Discover how loooong cats can stretch as they lie across my tables.

Make batches of lemonade.

Feel like a witch from Macbeth as I lean over a steaming cauldron making jam.

Write in spurts - one day much is accomplished followed by several of not so much.

Be grateful my car has air conditioning.

Plan family dinners with the one rule of "Don't heat up the oven."

Enjoy the late summer evenings.

Lay on a hammock and look up at the blue, blue sky.

Re-read favourite books.

Wish the ice-cream truck could play more than the same song over and over. Endlessly. Seriously.

There it is again.

What are some of your summertime moments?


  1. Elspeth - Ahhhhh....summertime! It does inspire a more langourous attitude to life, doesn't it? To me, summer always means cookouts. So one of my summertime moments is watching the grill cook our dinner, and enjoying freshly grilled meat and sweet corn : ).

  2. Outdoor concerts as the sun goes down.
    The freedom of not worrying about a paycheck.
    Sleeping late.
    Air conditioning.
    Ice cream, ice gream, and more ice cream.
    The smell of charcoal.


  3. I don't know what I like most about summer. I love it, though.

  4. Margot; Grilling is great, isn't it? I always love that nature decrees when dinner is cooked outside it's the man's job. It's something about raw meat and fire...

    Elisa; Outdoor concerts are the best! And yes, yes, the smell of charcoal - in my opinion propane, etc. barbeques are pretenders to the throne.

    Carol; I'm glad you do. Actually, my favourite of all seasons is the fall.

  5. No school! :)

    Picnics. Concerts. Community Days. Fun!

  6. Jemi; No school is EXCELLENT!! Picnics would be better if I wasn't always the one having to create them. I'm just sayin'.

  7. I think you just about nailed it.

  8. "Lose track of which weekday it is."

    Ehm, does that mean we can hope for some extra Fridays? ;D

    And by the way, which blue sky is that? Ours is grey and wet today.

  9. Travis; Welcome! And thank you.

    Dorte; I confess, the blue sky wasn't here either today - but no one is going to get lost looking at a grey sky. Poetic license!

  10. I've been looking forward to summer but since it arrived, two hurricanes have come along with, I'm a bit turned off summer at the moment. But, normally, I love BBQs and Watermelon.


  11. I love spending more time with my children! Usually. :)

  12. As long as I can be certain your weather is not better than ours - poetic justice ;)

  13. Scary wild thunderstorms that make me sad when they're over.

    Though I must say, it is hard to think about summer here in Botswana where it is currently freezing and I'm wondering when my husband will return with more wood for the fireplace.
    (Boo Hoo- I miss summer)

  14. I like your list, but I have to substitute sun tea for lemonade, and I must admit the ice cream truck can play any music it wants as long as it plays loud enough for me to hear it in time to run downstairs, grab some money, dash out the door, and down the block. :)


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