Thursday, July 8, 2010

Before Writing...

Of course you will write today. Of course you will. You're dedicated. But first you just have to...

12. Get started on that pesky Christmas shopping.

11. Try and teach your pet to dance. Disco is optional.

10. Remember where you hid that last bar of chocolate.

9. Think about making chicken stock from scratch; think being the operative word.

8. Look up various odd subjects on the internet; you can never tell when you will need this knowledge.

7. Discover that you have five different boxes of cereal in your kitchen cupboard and each box contains less than a handful of cereal.

6. See how accurately you can type with your eyes closed.

5. Go through your closet and try to remember how old the outfits are at the very end of the rack. Bonus points if they are older than your oldest child.

4. Keep looking for that bar of chocolate.

3. Figure out what time it is on the other side of the world. More knowledge which could be useful someday.

2. Mentally spend your next royalty cheque - first practically, then frivolously. Decide frivolously is much more fun.

1. Realize you've written your blog post for today. What a dedicated writer you are!


  1. Ha! 'Dedicated' doesn't describe me right now...but you make some great points. And I can type quite well with my eyes shut!


  2. Elspeth - Thanks for that all-important checklist! You're absolutely right that all of that must be accomplished before one can write. And there's also "Decide what to make for dinner. Look through every cabinet, plus freezer and refrigerator, to be sure you have all of the ingredients you need for said meal. Realize you don't, and go shopping."

  3. 'Dedicated' is a rough life. It really wears me out.
    Eyes shut, eyes open! I can screw it up either way.
    Why? Because I'm 'dedicated.'

    Giggles and Guns

  4. Mary; You're my kind of person. It IS a rough life, isn't it? We're just so dedicated.

  5. I'm so dedicated I haven't added a word to my WIP in a week.

  6. #8 and #1 most definitely. With chocolate :)

  7. Terry; Sometimes there are other priorities. I'm sure you're writing in the back of your brain.

    Carol; #8 can be my downfall. I refuse to say how many hours I've spent doing 'research'!

  8. Love it! I actually do have a few pieces of clothing older than my kids - my hubby HATES them! :)

    Okay - off to search for chocolate!

  9. I'd say #4 is a definite. Love your list.

    Thoughts in Progress

  10. Jemi; I confess to having some pieces of clothing that old as well - but I've got really, really good reasons to keep them!

    Mason; Glad you liked it. I'm still on #8.

  11. feed the chickens - realize they need their bedding changed - and maybe you do too - do a wash and hang it out - stand in the centre of the kitchen wondering why you're there - meet the queen - do back taxes - oh no that last - I'd rather write!

  12. LOL, Elspeth. You were watching me today.

  13. Are you channelling me by any chance, Elspeth?

  14. Okay, I do make chicken stock from scratch. It's an excellent use of time when you're procrastinating!

  15. Hello Elspeth! This post really rang a bell with me - I think I do all these things. I nearly always find that I urgently need to sort and pair all my socks when I need to be writing. As after all, how can one write knowing there are mis-matched socks lurking in drawers? But hooray for writing a blog post!

  16. Elspeth, please stop by my blog when you have a moment. I have something for you.


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