Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The Unexpected

Here's my this...

Allow your this...

To be this...

And let your this...

adore his this...

Someone who looks like this...

could live in a house which looks like this...

Do this to the rules....

You'll be amazed where this leads.


  1. Love this pictoblogs. And so true --avoid stereotypes. Which is why my 6 foot 6 cop hero never played basketball and has cats, not big manly dogs.

  2. Love love LOVE! I have to figure out how to upload photos like this on my blog and steal this idea from you. (I'll never be able to do it as well, however.)

    The scene we've been working on today (see my Twitter status updates) has really been about two characters running into each other at an unexpected time and place and circumstance. I think that's one of the reasons why it's working so well.

  3. Elspeth - This is wonderful advice! The best characters are those who don't fit stereotypes. They're far, far more interesting. After all, real people don't always fit stereotypes; why should characters? There's a great Agatha Christie short story, The Listerdale Mystery that addresses that whole issue of appearances and stereotypes. I can't say more because of spoilers, but your post made me think of it right away.

  4. Terry; Good for you! I love the idea of a tall man NOT playing basketball (although you have to know he'd get asked if he played)

    Elisa; Sometimes you just have to see where the road leads. There might be a castle just over the next hill. Or, bad men with guns.

    Margot; Jumping to conclusions based on appearances is dangerous - and rather dull. Far better to surprise and twist expectations.

  5. Great advice. I love breaking these kinds of rules.

  6. Superb advice! The more I read, the more I write, the more I realize predictability is the death knell of a story.

  7. What fantastic advice, and so well told.
    Thank you, Elspeth


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