Monday, December 5, 2011

Any Minute Now...

10. Flex your fingers. They're about to get a workout.

9. Place your hands in the correct position on the keyboard in preparation for the words you are about to type at breathless speed.

8. Those words are going to come. Any minute now.

7. Take a sip of coffee. Everyone knows you can't write when you're thirsty.

6. Replace your fingers.

5. Watch the cursor blinking at you. Try not take it personally.

4. Any minute now, you'll be typing.

3. Any minute.

2. Get out those notes you wrote down last night. Try to decipher what "Big-eared dog behind cabbage" might possibly mean. Obviously, it's code. You didn't realize you were that clever.

1. Re-flex those fingers. Every writer needs hope.


  1. Elspeth - Oh, yes, that's most definitely the way writing starts :-). Funny you would mention those notes. My handwriting is so indecipherable that I wouldn't be able to tell what I'd written, anyway...

  2. Or the dream I had that was sooooooo brilliant. Gone like the morning dew, or in this case, the morning frost. gone gone gone. ah well. I'll just flex my fingers...

  3. Notes? We're supposed to make notes?

    Seriously, that's why I print out the last scene I've written and read it before going to sleep. I'll jot a few notes, or just circle and underline things that don't seem right. Then, I've got that running start the next time I tackle the WIP.

    Terry's Place
    Romance with a Twist--of Mystery

  4. HA! Been there.


  5. Very familiar! Like this morning. :) I'm planning on writing at 1:45 ET, for sure!

  6. Margot; Luckily, I can read my handwriting - but I still can't make sense of what I meant. It's amazingly irritating!

    Jan; I know exactly what you mean! I try to tell myself I'll remember it later. Sigh. I'm still waiting.

    Terry; That makes sense - and explains why you accomplish such a large amount!

    Lou; Glad to know I'm not alone!

    Elizabeth; Good luck! I'm sure you're be successful.

  7. When this happens I stop and visit my blogging buddies. Leave a few comments. That gets the hampster in my brain moving.

  8. Stephen; I do that too. Is that what you're doing right now? Hope that hamster starts running on that squeaky wheel!

  9. Blinking cursors (among other things) make me dizzy. Times like these I visit online buddies looking for a lift.


  10. I'm laughing. Now I'm going to search for the camera you obviously stashed in my office.


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