Monday, December 12, 2011

10 Reasons I Can't Write Right Now

10. The coffee pot is empty. Lives will be lost.

9. I have to check my emails. Perhaps that mega agent has emailed me out of the blue. You never know. We've tweeted. That's the first step.

8. I have to visit my favourite blogs and leave comments. It's part of my pre-writing routine. Pre-writing. I'll write once I've done the pre-writing. It's a warm-up. Yeah. That sounds good.

7. Two words: No. Chocolate.

6. I need to know the meanings of the names of all my characters. All of them. Ignorance leads to messy writing.

5. Now I have to change the names of most of my characters. Sometimes ignorance is bliss.

4. The cat just shrieked and raced from the room. What does he know that I don't? Do I want to know? Was there just a creak behind me?

3. I just have a bit of research to do before getting down to writing. The clock on the computer must be wrong. How did two hours go by so quickly?

2. I'm going to emulate the behaviour of a favourite writer and read a chapter from a good book. Crap. I'll never write as well as that. Bring on the chocolate.

1. See #7.


  1. Funny! And I'm totally with you on #7. Now, must. go. find. chocolate.

  2. Elspeth - Oh, I love it! Especially #10 (oh, and #7). I wish I weren't addicted to coffee, but I am. Can't possibly write when I'm low on caffeine.. ;-)

  3. I'm so guilty of the blogs and email thing. And tea. Must have tea :-) (I know, I'm so English!)

  4. Clarissa; Hope you find some!

    Margot; That steaming beverage really helps, doesn't it? Just keep it out of spilling distance!

    Sarah; I do the tea thing too. I rather English, myself!

    Terry;Why, so am I.

  5. I'll get back to writing when I get done laughing...but first out for more chocolate!

  6. No coffee + No chocolate = No writing :(

  7. Exactly! I'd be in the car, driving to the store, if I had no coffee...definitely not writing!

  8. 10. The coffee pot is empty. Lives will be lost.

    But that is the POINT of crime fiction. Wait, you mean REAL lives??


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