Monday, August 22, 2011

A Timely (or Sheeply) Reminder

Sheep #1: It's time.

Writer: No.

Sheep #2: It's really time.

Writer: Go away.

Sheep #3: Actually it's way past time.

Writer: Go far far away.

Sheep #1: (blares trumpet) Time to get to work! Time to press that nose to the grindstone! 

Writer: That would leave a mark.

Sheep #2: We're not being literal.

Writer: Oh.

Sheep #2: We know you've been on vacation. But remember "Time and the hour run through the roughest day".

Writer: Now you're quoting Shakespeare?

Sheep #1: Why not? We're learned.

Sheep #2: Don't judge us harshly just because we're sheep.

Sheep #3: We bite.

Writer: I thought you were meek.

Sheep #3: (snorts) Seriously?

Sheep #1: Remember "I wasted time and now doth time waste me".

Sheep #2: Richard II.

Sheep #3: Act 5, scene 5.

Writer: (quietly) Wow.

Sheep #1: Just get to work.

Sheep #2: We'll keep quoting all day if you don't.

Writer: Fine. "Courage and comfort, all shall yet go well."

Sheep #1: Hey.

Writer: You're not the only ones who went to school. 


A special thank you goes out to Christine Hammar for telling me she loves my sheep pieces and reminding me she hadn't read one in a long time.


  1. Who doesn't love sheep quoting Shakespeare? :-)

  2. Yea for Christine! I love your sheep pieces, too. I especially loved this line:
    "Sheep #3: We bite."

  3. Elspeth - Welcome back! I've missed you! And I love your sheep - really, really love 'em. Especially because they bite and they know Shakespeare. What more do you want in a domesticated animal? ;-). Your sheep are right about that ol' grindstone, too. Who knew those peaceful-looking wooly critters you see on the hills had so much depth to them...

  4. Sarah; I'm glad YOU do!

    Carol; I'm glad you liked the line. It's funny 'cause it's true.

    Margot; Thanks for the welcome back! The lesson here is never underestimate sheep. Look for them in your classroom.

    Terry; Thanks for the welcome back!

  5. Missed the sheep! Smart little buggers, they are.

  6. Elisa; Talking like Yoda, you are. Fun, this is, to type. Stopping I am now, before going on too long. Oh. Too late have I realized this.

    Mary; Ah, thanks!

  7. omigod but I love your sheep. Your sheep and Helen's mermaid stories are my fave things...
    I wonder what would happen if they met? In a Friday Challenge? Would be a kind of Haruki Murakami type book. Hey - he did write one called 'Wild Sheep Chase'. Maybe the baa baas would like that one.

  8. Elspeth, Elspeth! How I love thee and thy sheep! Thanks! You made my day :).


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