Wednesday, August 10, 2011

All Nice Can be Dull!

I can appreciate the beauty of this...

and the peacefulness of this...

and the relaxation of this...

and the romance of this...

and the cuddliness of this...


(in my humble opinion)...

If that's all there is in your plot, it's going to be dull.

So, remember to add a bit of this...

or a flash of this...

or even...this!

and then your readers will appreciate this.


  1. Good reminder! Especially if you write mysteries. :)

  2. all we're having here in the Maritimes is the last of your pics...well, no tornadoes yet. (she whispered as she didn't want to give the weather gods any ideas).

  3. Elspeth - You are so right about the need to add some conflict, some challenge, some difficulty. Not only does it keep the reader interested but I think it also helps the characters grow. And let's face it: stuff happens in real life. Novels are more realistic when they acknowledge that.

  4. Elizabeth; Indeed! ;)

    Jan; Really? Our August out here on the west coast has been very pleasant - warm but not the scorching heat Central Canada was enduring earlier. I felt smug.

    Margot; Wouldn't it be dull if stories were all pleasant all the time? And how on earth could we writers write 80,000 words of everything going smoothly?

    Carol; Glad you agree!

  5. How to pass on a valuable lesson in pictures. Awesome post, Elspeth.

  6. Very true.
    Ah, that last storm was scary, Elspeth. Hope it wasn't outside your window.

  7. So true, Elspeth. I continue to enjoy your pictorial lessons. Great reminders of how we need to focus on the craft.

  8. Sarah; I'm always pleased when someone says a post of mine is awesome. Thanks!

    Mary; No fear - that storm (and all images) courtesy of Google.

    Maryann; Thanks so much for taking the time to let me know. I appreciate it!

    Beckoning; Thanks for stopping by! Hope to 'see' you again and...welcome!


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