Thursday, August 11, 2011

Thirties Thursday

This post first ran on January 27th of this year.

Here are some ads from the 1930s. Enjoy.

I can't quite see this being printed now...

Some things never change...

I think I'll look for my happiness elsewhere...

I'm not sure what I like more - the men's swimsuits, or the idea that they need to grease their hair before swimming...

Ooh la la!

Before you choke on the £225 price, let me tell you that £225 in 1935 (date of the ad) would be £13, 224 today. (about $21,000 US)


  1. Elspeth - Thanks for sharing these ads again. Such a great look into life at that time. I just have to shake my head at the cigarette ad. As you say, you sure wouldn't see that now! And lard, too? There's two reasons that many people live longer now than they did in the 1930's...

  2. Margot; Things certainly have changed, haven't they? Then again, the expression "There's an app for that" would have garnered puzzled looks only a few years ago.

  3. Zowie, that's expensive hose! I love that the cigarettes are touted as throat protection. Scary.

  4. I remember doing research for a report on the 1920's (don't remember exactly what the report was on!) and being intrigued by the ads. Then again, I certainly remember cigarette ads. I didn't see the price of the hose -- maybe I'm blind. But maybe there's a missing "," or it's too small to see?

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  5. Ads is such a funny way to learn about the values, sex roles etc of a period.

  6. I couldn't see the price of the hosiery either, but that's some expensive nylon!

  7. AH! I see the problem! My comment on the bottom of the post is concerning a picture that mysteriously isn't there. I shall fix.

  8. oh, I love that lard loving family...


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