Thursday, December 9, 2010

Thirties Thursday

Today's date is December 9, 2010.
But...what if it was December 9, 1936?

Here's a small glimpse of your life (if you lived in England):

When you listen to the wireless (radio) you'll hear these tunes:

Pennies from Heaven - Bing Crosby
The Way You Look Tonight - Fred Astaire

You giggled when you saw this film, which was released this year:

Modern Times - Charlie Chaplin

You enjoyed reading Agatha Christie's new mystery "The ABC Murders" earlier this year, but right now you and your neighbours are busy reading that new American novel "Gone With the Wind".

Back in August, you followed the fortunes of your team at the Olympic Games in Berlin. This was the first time there was an Olympic Torch relay and you wonder if there will be another one in 1940 before the summer games in Tokyo.

You're worried about the cost of Christmas dinner (you want to have the traditional roast goose and Christmas pudding), but you're grateful that your husband still has his job. More than two million Britons are unemployed.

When you've been Christmas shopping, you look like this.

But while you were out, you saw demonstrations like this.

This was the front of the newspaper today.

And (although you don't know it yet) this is the paper you'll be reading on Saturday.


  1. Elspeth - I just love these looks at the '30s! You put that Agatha Christie novel (and the Margaret Mitchell one, of course) in terrific perspective, too. I didn't really think about the impact of King Edward's abdication, either, until you mentioned it. That was a major, major event.

  2. Fascinating. And love "The Way You Look Tonight"--it ended up in one of my books. Good reminders that not everything centers around the US, as well.

    Terry's Place
    Romance with a Twist--of Mystery

  3. This was a great post! With all the areas you touch on, it gives a real snap shot of a bygone era.

  4. Margot; I guarantee if today's date read 1936 you'd be reading that book. Of course, you'd also have Miss Christie's 1934 book (published at the end of the year) "The Murder on the Orient Express".

    Terry; It's a classic, isn't it? Since my books take place in England (or thereabouts) this is the history I research.

    Elizabeth; Thank you! It took some time to get together! I did try to give a little glimpse into everyday life on this date in 1936.

  5. England was in an uproar. But the fashions were elegant. Little did they know what was coming their way. I love these Thirties Thursdays.

  6. Carol; For better or for worse, none of us can see into the future; which is what I try to tell myself when I'm setting my stories in this period. I'm glad you like these Thursdays - thanks for letting me know. It helps to make a decision on whether or not to continue with them!

  7. Isn't research fun!

    thanks for sharing

  8. Thanks for the insights into the 30s! I had no idea that "The Way You Look Tonight" was Astaire's song...I thought it was originally a Sinatra tune! Very cool. :)

  9. Al; Isn't it? Time-consuming, but fun.

    Elizabeth; You're welcome! I was surprised to find that out too.

  10. How interesting. And I would even go shopping if I could look like that - and I hate shopping.

  11. Helen; The clothes do have an elegant silhouette, don't they?


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