Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Sheep with Trumpets


Writer: Was that a trumpet blare?

Sheep #1: We've been practicing.

Sheep #2: For moments just like this.

Sheep #3: We think we're gifted.

Sheep #1: We think we might have a new career.

Writer: As trumpet players?

Sheep #1: You've got to dream big.

Writer: (shakes head) Wait. Why were you blaring a trumpet?

Sheep #2: It got your attention, didn't it?

Writer: Yes.

Sheep #3: We've been trying to get your attention for days. We resorted to desperate measures.

Writer: (sighing) What do you want?

Sheep #1: It's time for you to get going again.

Sheep #2: Pick yourself up and dust yourself off.

Sheep #3: As the old song goes.

Writer: I'm fine. Really.

Sheep #1: No, you're not. You can't fool us. We're the sheep.

Sheep #2: You haven't been writing. You've been fiddling.

Sheep #3: Look! Another musical reference.

Sheep#1: Wow. We're good.

Writer: I've haven't been fiddling; I've been polishing.

Sheep #1: No. You're afraid to take the next step.

Sheep #2: It's time.

Sheep #3: It's past time, actually.

Writer: I know.

Sheep #1: Do you?

Sheep #2: (louder) Do you?

Sheep #3: I'll blare the trumpet again.

Writer: Please don't.

Sheep #1: You've spent all this time on your book.

Sheep #2: You've worked on your characters, your plot, your setting...

Sheep #3: You've done your historical research...

Sheep #1: Good grief, you've even looked up the weather.

Sheep #2: Talk about thorough.

Sheep #3: But now, it's time.

Sheep #1: Accept not everything is going to go the way you want. Accept there will be disappointments and set backs.

Sheep #2: The unknown is scary. You're putting yourself out there.

Sheep #3: Think of it as the mother of all auditions.

Writer: But I hated auditioning.

Sheep #1: Ironic, isn't it?

Sheep #2: Listen to us.

Sheep #3: It's time.

Sheep #1: Think of this not as a wake-up blare, but as an announcement of battle.



Special thanks to all of you who took the time to leave a comment yesterday. I felt as if I'd gotten a large, virtual hug. I'm very grateful.


  1. Elspeth - Those sheep are very wise. They're right about this, you know. Just do it!

  2. Carol; You're one of them, aren't you? I KNEW it!

    Karen; I shall take your advice.

    Margot; Growl. It's way easier to moan. I'm good at moaning. I'm thinking of turning it into a performance art piece. In mime.

  3. "Writer: I've haven't been fiddling; I've been polishing."

    Wonderful (they really hit me there).

  4. Love your sheep, Elspeth. They seem to really know how to analyze a writer. LOL And they are right, there comes a time when the polishing is finished, honest.

  5. I'm glad to hear the sheep are pointing you back to the road.

    Venomous critique sucks.
    Take care of yourself

  6. Love your sheep *heart*. They seem like your alter ego. Listen to what they have to say.

  7. Oh, gawd...not the sheep! Start writing...quickly!

    *hugs* :)

  8. Where oh where can I get a herd of my own?

  9. *eerie music in background* "Elspeth, listen to your sheep."

    Enough polishing already-- It's time to conquer!


  10. Mush on!

    It'll be okay...believe me, we can't make this stuff perfect--we can only do our best and tell a good story.

  11. I don’t know where you found such wise sheep, but once again they are offering great advice. It sounds like you better do as they say in order to stop their trumpeting!)

  12. Perfection is for the sheep...er, birds.

    I'm sorry I didn't make it by to cheer you yesterday, but today I say, to hell with 'em. Keep it up, Elspeth.

    Writers Jailed today on SouthernCityMysteries

  13. I love your sheep pep-talk! Very apt. I feel a little like I'm fiddling, too. It is much easier to keep track of progress with writing than editing. Just spinning my wheels. So I will try to listen to your wise musical sheep.

    (Good luck with getting going!)

  14. Leave it to the sheep to point the way. And they try to look all innocent while in reality they're always up to something.

    Stephen Tremp

  15. I love this image! Sheep blaring trumpets - perfect.


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