Wednesday, August 25, 2010

A Recipe for Writing

There isn't a this...

when it comes to this...

But allow yourself some this...

and soon you'll discover a bowlful of this...

Add a bit of this...

and perhaps a dash of this...

Stir in a setting like this...

or this...

or even this...
(this is where I was for 2 days last week)

and add some spice with this...

or even this...

When you feel like this...

Remember there's this...

Just follow your own this...

and before you know it, you'll be writing this.


  1. Elspeth - Thanks, as always, for this great pictorial reminder of how to go about writing. I like the cake part a lot! And the cuddly monster part. It's so important to remember that each writer has her or his own path to that story...

  2. SUPERB! I just love it when you do posts like this! It's excellent!

  3. Margot; Cuddly monsters are always good. I just wish my path had an express lane.

    Crystal; Thank you! I loved your post today as well.

  4. Karen; My advice would be stop sitting down. Go out. Live your life. The words will come when you least expect them. They're on their own timetable. The self-discipline comes in once you know the road - or at least the first few miles. (in my opinion, of course)

  5. Looks like the rocky mountains. And yum, that cake looks scrumptious.

    Love your usual.


  6. Nicely done. A series of pictures can communicate a message just as easy as an entire chapter. And can't forget something chocolate.

    Stephen Tremp

  7. Clarissa; It is the Rocky Mountains - it's a lake in Jasper National Park in Alberta.

    Stephen; Sometimes I think my writing would be go more quickly if I could use pictures to tell the story!

  8. Another wonderful reminder through pictures. I LOVE the wooded path - and, of course, the chocolate cake. :)

  9. Great. I've missed these visual guides. May I have cake now, please?

  10. cake cake cake cake!
    I want to write but I really want cake.
    Now, in my time.
    OK - I'm OK now. I can go back to my work.
    cake -later...Jan Morrison

  11. Love it!

    Our house is FILLED to the rim with cake right now! Everywhere I go. My daughter turned 9 and she got 3 chocolate from AL grandparents, one from SC grandparents, one from her party with her friends. So now I have lots of fuel for my writing. :)

  12. Laura; I love the picture of the forest path too. I find it magical.

    Jan; Cake tomorrow and cake yesterday, but never cake today? That's just wrong.

    Elizabeth; That's a lot of cake! I'd suggest freezing some of it for cake-type emergencies!

  13. Carol; I'm so relieved I haven't been forgotten! I send you many layers of virtual cake - with a beverage of your choice.

  14. I am in no mood to write, but can I do with a monster slice of that cake!
    Loved the dinos- they are uber cute.

  15. I sure love your pictoral stories, Elspeth! And that ice-surrounded lake is SO PRETTY! Is it up really high, or really far north?

  16. So good to be back, although I'm catching up on blogs. Love this.

    Terry's Place
    Romance with a Twist--of Mystery


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