Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Happy Sheep

Writer: Why is there dancing?

Sheep #1: It's time to click up our hooves.

Sheep: #2: We're rejoicing.

Sheep #3: There's general merriment.

Writer: Why?

Sheep #1: You're almost done.

Sheep #2: You re-read the manuscript.

Sheep: #3: And you were pleased.

Sheep #1: We know. We were there.

Writer: Shhhhhh! I don't want to jinx it.

Sheep #1: (shaking head) Once an actor, always an actor.

Sheep #2: You need to get over these superstitions.

Sheep #3: Time to grow.

Writer: I've got finishing touches to do yet.

Sheep #1: Don't bring us down.

Sheep #2: You'll be done in no time. Stop fiddling.

Entire Flock of Sheep: Submit! Submit!

Writer: Now, just hold on. I want it to be as good as it can be. There can still be changes. Improvements. Clearer voices.

Sheep #1: You're delaying.

Sheep #2: You're afraid.

Sheep: #3: This is sad for you.

Writer: I want to be sure.

Sheep #1: You'll never be sure. You can't be. Give it to others to read - get their input.

Sheep #2: We've read it.

Sheep #3: We've one criticism.

Writer: Which is?

Sheep #1: There's no sheep in your story.

Sheep #2: Not a single one.

Sheep #3: Not even in the distance.

Writer: Sorry.

Sheep #1: Bah.

Writer: I could add one.

Sheep #1: No. We're fine. Don't worry about us.

Sheep #2: We've just been here all along.

Sheep #3: Encouraging you.

Sheep #1: Showing you the way.

Sheep #2: Waiting patiently for you to understand our brilliance.

Sheep #3: We're very bright.

Writer: I know.

Sheep #1: But now...we're bored.

Writer: Bored?

Sheep #2: We're done with this plot. It's time to move on.

Sheep #3: We've only one more thing to say.

Writer: Which is?

Sheep #1: What's next?


  1. Elspeth - I just adore your sheep!! And they are right. Release yourself from the chains of the perceived need for perfection. I'll bet your work is wonderful!! Can't wait 'till it comes out!

  2. Karen; They are wise. I should listen to them. They're getting very loud.

    Margot; Please, please, I hope you're right! You might change your mind after you've read it.

  3. I want sheep to talk to me too! Yesterday, my husband asked me if my dog was sad when he was gone. I told him, how would I know, we don't speak.

    Well, I'm glad you're almost done your editing.


  4. Clarissa; Perhaps the dog was showing not telling. And as for the editing- yes, I'm glad too.

  5. Listen to your sheep - they've got your baaaack.

    LOL ... the word verification was SWINE.

  6. Congratulations!!!!

    And you know how I love the sheep. I saw the tweet and zipped right over here.

  7. Carol; LOL!! Excellent!

    Patricia; I'm so glad you did! I hope the zipping was worth it.

  8. Oh, heck yes. I always enjoy your posts (even when the sheep are snoozing or doing whatever sheep do when they're not contributing).

  9. Thank goodness I do have some sheep in my book (although only at a distance) :-)

  10. Patricia; What a kind thing to say - thank you for that. I'm afraid if the sheep were here constantly it would get rather dull. (Wow. That'll make em mad)

    Al; There's good thinking on your part. Well done.

  11. No one but you could have talking sheep, Elspeth!
    They seem pretty intelligent so maybe you should listen already.
    Waking to read your work. (I asked your sheep about it but they won't tell.)

    Giggles and Guns

  12. LOLWROG! I love this - and can SO often relate!

    Marvin D Wilson

  13. Congratulations you are heading in the right directions. I know it's going to be great. Can't wait to read it.

    Thoughts in Progress

  14. Old Silly; Thanks for letting me know. I'm glad you enjoyed it.

    Mason; Thanks for the encouragement - I hope you're right.

  15. I think you should listen to those very bright sheep and then can I borrow them for a while!)

  16. Yikes - I don't think there are any sheep in my story either! Better fix that :)

  17. Mary; My sheep signed confidentiality agreements - but I'm sure they could be bribed.

    Jane; I'll ask them. They might travel.

    Jemi; Take my advice. Put them in. You don't want the dreaded sheep's revenge.

    Terry; They're mine! They're mine!

  18. Believe me when I tell you that the sheep and only the sheep could drag me away from obsessing over my queen photos. Thanks fellas! I need your sanity right now.
    Oh, and Elspeth - how long have you been revising? Why do I want to know? Oh, no reason,really. Just wondering...(feigns nonchalance). TELL ME!

  19. I love your flock of encouragement (and their occasional pity parties for not being included)--Congrats on being so near the end!


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