Monday, January 23, 2012

Leaping with Sheep

Sheep #1: Ahem.

Sheep #2: It's us.

Many Sheep: We're back.

Writer: (groans) Of course you are.

Sheep #1: Excuse me.

Sheep #2: Did you just groan?

Writer: No.

Sheep #1: Don't lie to us.

Sheep #2: It's hurtful.

Sheep #1: And dishonest.

Sheep #2: We might spit.

Writer: You're not llamas.

Sheep #1: You don't know that. We could be llamas.

Sheep #2: In disguise.

Sheep #3: You never know.

Writer: Anyway... (runs hand through hair) why are you here?

Sheep #1: We're here to give you courage.

Sheep #2: To bolster you, so to speak.

Writer: I do need courage.

Sheep #1: You're standing there - on the precipice.

Writer: I know. It's scary.

Sheep #2: Of course it's scary. If it wasn't scary, everyone would do it.

Writer: What if it's no good?

Sheep #1: Then you'll try again.

Writer: Easy for you to say.

Sheep #1: I know. (winks sheepishly)

Sheep #2: Wait. Did that last direction actually say 'winks sheepishly'?

Writer: Yes. Yes it did.

Sheep #2: Cheap shot.

Sheep #1: I hope that novel is better than this dialogue.

Writer: Hey.

Sheep #1: You had it coming. (mutters) Winks sheepishly, indeed.

Sheep #2: You need to be brave. Leap off the cliff.

Sheep #1: Start that second novel.

Writer: But, I'm afraid of heights. And I've written one novel. Now I know how high that cliff is.

Sheep #2: That's why we think it takes more courage to write the second one than the first.

Sheep #1: It's time.

Writer: I know. (grins sheepishly)

Sheep #1: (sighs) Really? (turns to other sheep) This is going to be fun.


  1. Elspeth - Oh, welcome back, sheep!! I love it! And the sheep are right, too. The second novel really is harder in a lot of ways than the first one is. I know yours'll be great, though. I think it's that path to the unknown, so to speak, that makes starting again so nerve-wracking at time. You know how difficult it can be, and you don't know where this one's taking you. Rest assured though, it ain't gonna be boring ;-).

    1. Thanks for the words of encouragement, Margot - and the sheep wave hello and thank you for gently suggesting they make a return visit.

    2. Hello, Sheep *waving back* :-)

  2. You could try pretending it's your first time ;-)

    1. I'm far too cynical to be able to do that - unfortunately. But thanks for the suggestion!

  3. I love the sheep. And congrats on finishing #1. That's so big. Trust me, #2 will be a piece of cake. :)

  4. Haha! Llamas in disguise--I love it!

    Of course, I love llamas. :)

    I don't know how, Elspeth, but you fell off my blogroll. I'm going to remedy that ASAP!

    1. Aren't llamas great? We have quite a few around here. Thanks for adding me back to your blog roll - and congrats again on your fantastic news.

    2. The black sheep looking very dangerous..
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