Monday, October 24, 2011

More as the Story Develops...

This is going to be quick...

Let me say my time at the Surrey International Writers Conference was --- what shall I say ---


The writer that went into that conference on Friday morning no longer exists.

As the conference continued I found myself getting more and more focused; so much so that I noticed on Sunday I was no longer taking notes that read as general writing advice and was, instead, making notes like:
Raise character name's stakes by doing this.
Give character name a ticking clock.
Lose character name's backstory and give vital info through dialogue with character name.

Yes, I met and shared conversations and meals with authors I truly admire. I took workshops from many authors, editors and agents who are not only gifted at their jobs, but can teach.

And --- one more thing...

The agent I pitched to was intrigued by my novel's title (and wanted the story behind it), said "You'd be a perfect fit for...and named a publishing house", loved that it's the potential beginning of a series,  and wants me to send her the first 50 pages.

As I said to someone over the weekend, I haven't won the race, but I'm off the warm up track and the door opened on the starting gate. (I may have read too many Dick Francis in my life -- sorry, I digress)



  1. That's fantastic news Elspeth. I'm hoping you'll share a little something of what you've learned :-)

  2. Wonderful! Are you going ahead and sending off your 50 pages in the next few days? Fingers crossed for you!

  3. That is SO good to hear. Make sure you get those pages sent off. So many writers don't follow through.

    Terry's Place
    Romance with a Twist--of Mystery

  4. Yay! Elspeth, sounds like the conference did you a world of good.

  5. excellent excellent news - you are off! I love racing analogies almost as much as gardening ones...

  6. Excellent! Great to hear you got so much out of it and are moving ahead! Bask in it and do great work!

  7. Sarah; That is the plan -- I'm just not sure when! Writing is coming before blogging these days.

    Elizabeth; Thanks! And YES, this is NOT something I'm going to procrastinate over!

    Terry; I heard that at the conference. I find it unbelievable, but yet believable at the same time.

    Pat; It really, really did. I'm hoping to make it a yearly affair.

    Jan; I AM off! (in so many, many ways...) Thanks for your kind words, dear one.

    Kit; I intend to work and then bask. Although don't sharks bask? I don't want to be a shark.

  8. Great job, not many people get through that kind of pitching to agents. Congrats!

  9. Oh my gosh, Elspeth! Congrats on such a good time, and the news that came with it!


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