Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Waiting for Inspiration

You're ready to do this...

You've got this...

and a full bowl of this...

You put your fingers like this...

But you've got this...

All you can think about is whether a this...

could hold a this...

in his this...

Which is (let's face it) a fairly odd thing to be thinking about.

You're supposed to be writing a scene where your this...

is stuck somewhere like this....

or hears a ticking this...

or is facing down a tiny this...

(to raise the stakes even higher)

has discovered there's only one piece of this...

But've still got this...

You're about to despair, when suddenly you're hit with this....

and you decide to write about a this...

who teams up with his partner this....

to become amateur this...

solving the case of who ate the rest of this.


  1. Elspeth - You are so right that creative ideas can come of out practically no-where. And I love the way that you've expressed the desperation a person can feel when s/he has that blank-page-nothing-is-there paranoia.

    I like your solution, too - let go and let the crazy ideas flow. You never know which will be a "keeper." And yeah, that last slice of heavenly cake might be worth killing for ;-)...

  2. Thanks, all I can think about is that darn pig's tail holding a sucker.
    Great thought process here - aside from the pig who will plague me. Ideas can lead you to wonderful places along a path you didn't see before.

  3. Margot; Sometimes, you just have to go with the flow - twisted though it may be.

    Laura; evil plan has succeeded! That image came to me yesterday. Don't ask me why. Obviously, I need help.

  4. Fun as always.
    I agree the image of a pig holding a sucker is truly twisted :-)

  5. Just wondering - what with pig's tails holding a sucker; missing cake and don't forget the bird/cat team - could I have the name of your cold medicine?
    Great follow through on the blank page frustration.

  6. Al; Excellent choice of words. That made me giggle.

    Mary; You think it's the cold medication? Okay, let's go with that. Far safer.

  7. Hahahaha! You've been invading my mind again. Ditch the cold and enjoy your writing retreat.

  8. Yes, ideas can strike any time during the day or at night. Even when I sleep I still get struck by ideas. Wonder if I should be pressing charges against them?

  9. It always amazes me where things come from. I love these posts. Thank you.


  10. Don’t know how you continue to come up with these easy-to-identify-with scenarios…but I love them and hope you keep them coming. They always make me laugh.

  11. Carol; That is exactly my plan.

    Jeffrey; That's the thing about ideas, isn't it? They never show up when you want them to - they seem to work on their own schedule and never send me a copy.

    Clarissa; I'm glad you enjoy them. Thanks for letting me know!

    Jane; I don't know where they come from - inside my twisted strange brain, I suppose. Trust me, you don't want to go there.

  12. How do you come up with these, Elspeth. I think you should stop writing mysteries and mystery games, and concentrate on writing self help books for writers. Pure genius.

  13. You are amazing! I wish I had a tenth of your creativity.


  14. Rayna; I need to bottle you and take you when I'm feeling down!

    Laura: Glad you enjoyed it!

    Patricia: *blush* You're very kind. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

  15. Great picture story. Loved it. Like Patricia, I stand in awe of your creativity.


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