Thursday, September 9, 2010

Come Out, Come Out, Wherever You Are!

There are the days when the writing goes well. I love those days. I want more of those days. For all those other days, however, here are a few ideas of where you might find your talent.

In the basement.
Clearing out clutter (where in heaven's name does it all come from?)can trigger a thought which gives me a hint of where my plot could go. Sometimes, of course, the thought is "What the heck is this?"

In the kitchen.
Never underestimate the value of letting your mind wander while you're cooking. Warning: Don't let your mind wander too far, or you may discover (too late, of course) that you just substituted salt for sugar. Trust me, this is not wanted on the voyage.

In a book.
I've often found that reading other books in my genre will fire my imagination. However, if the book is very well written, this can also lead to fits of despair. Approach with caution - or at least, with your ego well- armed.

In bed.
No, I don't mean that. I don't write those sorts of books. I have found, though, that those first moments after I turn out the light are the perfect time to ask troublesome characters questions. If you ask them politely, it's amazing what they'll reveal.

In my notes.
If I'm really stuck, I'll go back to my initial notes that I wrote when I was first forming my plot. Many times, I'll discover something that, in the heat of actually writing the darned thing, I've forgotten completely. Sometimes, going back to the beginning of the process helps. Sometimes, it makes you want to eat a lot of cake.

Where do you look?


  1. I certainly also find much inspiration in bed. Many days I work, blog and read and don´t allow space for my imagination to tell me anything. But when I switch off the light, I have nothing else to do. And if I think my ideas are really good, I´ll get up again and write them down before they disappear in the dark.

  2. Also look under the bed. Ideas tend to congregate there so they can jump in your brain while you sleep and cause confusing dreams and nightmares it would take a psychiatrist to figure out.


  3. I don't have a basement, but I have an attic. And in bed first thing in the morning when I wake up brings as many answers as when I first lie down at night. I also find answers while painting. Walls, not pictures. No talent for that at all.

  4. Dorte; I know exactly what you mean! Sometimes you have to write it down.

    Patricia; This explains a great deal. Thank you. I suspect evil dust bunnies.

    Carol; I shall be painting soon, so I'll try your idea. I have no talent for painting pictures either. I wish I did.

  5. I turn to books and television/movies (usually of the Sorkin persuasion) when I find my talent has snuck out for a little smoke break.

  6. Elisa; Of course I've done that as well. I've found it leads to me banging my head against the wall and cursing the fates that the man has so much talent and I have so little. Is it possible I could I ask him if I could borrow a cup of talent? Well, not so much borrow as steal? I don't think it's too much to ask.

  7. I converse with my two muses, who would take a lot of explaining.

    Like you said, getting busy doing other things can shake the thoughts free. Then I have to run for pen and paper before I forget.

  8. Elspeth - Those are, indeed, clever places for talent to hide. I find mine outdoors sometimes when I walk the dogs. Of course, then the blasted muse goes out and gets Chinese food while I have to take care of our four-legged masters! ;-)

  9. I tend to find mine sitting in the backseat of my car, or in the shower, or smirking while I exercise.

    Terry's Place
    Romance with a Twist--of Mystery

  10. Bed is the place for me. Hmm, that could sound so bad... well, those are great places.


  11. Laura; You have TWO muses? Lucky you.

    Margot; That's what I need - a muse which brings home Chinese food.

    Terry; They do tend to smirk, don't they? I've never found one lurking in the car, but I'll be aware now. Thanks.

  12. Clarissa; Whatever works. I'm sure you don't have to hunt often.

  13. Definitely the shower and car for me...anywhere there is enough peace and quiet for my mind to wander!

  14. "Is it possible I could I ask him if I could borrow a cup of talent? Well, not so much borrow as steal?"

    Be sure to tell him that he's a handsome and powerful man when you do.


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