Wednesday, September 9, 2009

What's Happening?

Something happens to me around this time every year. I become determined to turn over a new leaf and get busy and morph into a person I don't even recognize.

I bustle around cleaning and vacuuming. I start thinking seriously about pulling out the fridge and cleaning behind it. I want shiny floors and gleaming tables. Fresh floral centerpieces are contemplated. I go and dig the weeds in my garden and make ambitious plans for new pathways and patios. I want to make warm nutritious meals for my family and bake pies and cakes. I think about sewing and that a major repaint of the upstairs hallway is an ideal project. In short, I am nauseating.

This determination extends to my writing. I will get those two new games up and running. I will finish fiddling with my short story and actually print it out and submit the sucker for publication. I set lofty goals for completing my novel within a month.

I know that after a few days I will return to my slovenly ways and the gleam on my tables and the shine on my floors will fade. I will think that ironing sheets is an insane waste of time and not worry if my linen cupboard isn't Martha Stewart-worthy. The writing goals will stay in place. Writing is like laundry - there's always something new in the basket.


  1. That's a bug I rarely catch. The older I get, the less I like housework. I try to do it a little at a time. Fold clothes while I watch the evening news. Sweep and mop on Saturday mornings, while the house is asleep. Bits and pieces is about as much as I can take at a time.

    Straight From Hel

  2. I never get a cleaning bug. I do have a bug, however, to hire someone to come in and thoroughly clean it from top to bottom. Maybe just twice a year?

  3. Maybe it's the change of season? The reduction of daylight. Around now I get the motivation to set goals - I just have to figure out how to keep them!

  4. This year will be different, he piped up brightly! Yes, this is the year you’ll keep all those fall resolutions well into next year. It’s gonna happen, you have my word on it…Joe Isuzu.

    Best Regards, Galen
    Imagineering Fiction Blog

  5. I also get a surge of energy in the fall (like a squirrel bustling about to gather and stash nuts for winter?). It's bizarre when you think about it, but this has always been my favorite time of year and the season when I get the most done.

  6. I love the fall. It's energizing, maybe we are just like squirrels, as Patricia Stoltey said in her comment above mine. I fluctuate between the computer and the real world, trying to get everything done is impossible. I'm a neat freak so it's never-ending.

  7. "Writing is like laundry - there's always something new in the basket."

    As long as it doesn't smell or have a stain that you just can't get out...

  8. I'm glad to learn I'm not the only one who feels re-energized in the fall! Helen; That's usually the way I attack housework - if I don't shut my eyes to it completely.
    Stephanie; My problem is that I would clean up for the cleaning service. I know it's strange, but I would.
    Patricia; I like your idea about squirrels - we have 2 hopping around our garden at the moment picking up nuts.

    To everyone - enjoy the season! Crunch some leaves!

    And Elisa....ewwwwwww. Please remember I have murders in my plots - there's always something (or someone) smelling or staining.

  9. Yeah, it must be fall. It's great writing weather. I, too, start feeling ambitious this time of year. But if I ignore it long enough, it goes away. (Phew! That was a close one!)

  10. Hello Elspeth! I popped over from Helen's blog "Straight from Hel". Just wanted to say hi!


  11. Jen; Hello to you! Please stick around, the more the merrier!


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