Thursday, February 24, 2011

Thirties Thursday

The Oscars are being handed out this Sunday, and in that spirit, this Thirties Thursday post salutes the winners of 1939.

It was quite a year. The awards were actually held February 29, 1940 at the Ambassador Hotel in Los Angeles. It was also the year of a bit of a faux pas; up until this time the Academy had always sent out a press release with the winners' names so that they could be announced in later editions. Unfortunately, that year, if the nominees happened to pick up the 8:30 evening edition of the Los Angeles Times on their way into the hotel they would have seen the names of the winners printed in the paper.


That was the end of early press releases. From then until now, everyone learns the winners at the same time - when the envelope is opened on stage. (except for a few at Price Waterhouse...)

I hope you enjoy this montage of 1939's winners.

And if you're watching the Oscars Sunday night and a certain West Wing creator wins the Oscar for Best Adapted Screenplay, you might hear a faint scream of triumph wafting over the horizon.

Don't worry. It'll just be me.


  1. Elspeth - Thanks so much for the reminder of those wonderful films. You know, my mother was taken to see GWTW as a girl, and was quite the star among her friends because she was permitted to see a movie with a "bad word" in it. And let's face it, The Wizard of Oz was a landmark film in so many ways. A great year for movies!

  2. Margot; I picked 1939 simply because it *was* such a wonderful year. Isn't it interesting that those two films are still known and watched all these years later? Talk about making a mark...

  3. Looks like a great year for movies! Thanks for sharing this...loved those films.

  4. O goodness - I want to watch all of these again. What an amazing year! The Wizard of Oz is the meta-fiction in my mind and Gone with the Wind - oh I loved the book and the film to bits. Also - Mr. Chip goes to Washington and Stagecoach. Well, all of them. jeesh. thanks.
    who is it on West Wing you're cheering for and what is the adapted screenplay? I'm not sure how I'll watch the oscars but I'll figure it out...

  5. Years ago, we realized we never saw any of the nominated, much less winning, pictures. I've become totally jaded with any award show, so I won't be watching (but I'll be listening for your scream.)

    Nowadays, it's strictly Netflix--the theater is half an hour away, and only has 2 screens. I'm sure we'll try it one of these days, though.

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