Thursday, February 3, 2011

Thirties Thursday

Here are just a few items which were invented during the 1930s. Where would we be without them?

1930 - Scotch tape

1932 Polaroid camera

1933 - Stereo records

1934 - Cat's eyes

1934 - Monopoly board game

1935 - Nylon

1935 - Radar

1937 - First Jet engine built

1938 - Ballpoint pen

1938 - Instant 'freeze-dried' coffee

1939 - First successful Helicopter


  1. A very creative decade in a constructive century.
    Personally I could do without instant coffee. Yuk!
    Love espresso though.

  2. Elspeth - Oh, as a music person, I have to say the LP record got my attention right away! And as you say, where would we be without adhesive tape...

  3. What a lot of cool stuff from the decade of the Great Depression. People used their brains.

  4. Al; I shunned it for years, but rediscovered it a few months ago. It's not half-bad!

    Margot; Not to mention ballpoint pens!

    Carol; It's interesting isn't it? Times may have been tough, but people's brains kept on working.

  5. Scotch tape is what I love. I wonder why it is called 'scotch' tape? Let's find out shall we?
    I also love my old lp's - hours in my bedroom listening to Dionne Warwick and being moody....and using scotch tape to make collages of sad poems, writing with my ballpoint pen and drinking terrible terrible instant coffee (I understand it isn't so bad now).

  6. I never realized all that happened during the 30s! They all may be great inventions, but I’m really happy about the tape and the pen! )

  7. Out of all the inventions the only one not improved on over the years -- Freeze dried coffee.
    Fun post.


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