Tuesday, June 8, 2010

12 Things I've Learned So Far

12. Without even trying, I can write really, really poorly.

11. Liquids and computer keyboards do not mix.

10. For every five minutes I spend tapping away on the keyboard, I'll have spent an equal amount of time staring at the screen.

9. Fear often disguises itself as writer's block.

8. If they had a third hand, many writers would use it to hold chocolate.

7. Resist the siren call emanating from the delete key. 'Cut and paste' will prove to be far better friends.

6. Mistakes are easier to catch if I read my work out loud. Judgmental facial expressions add to the merriment.

5. I may not be as good as I'd like to be, but I'm not as bad as I could be either.

4. Don't look to the cat for approval. It will not be forthcoming.

3. I can type wearing the ugly clothes. However, it is prudent to remember to change before going out into the world.

2. As a deadline nears, my need to do housework increases.

1. It's much easier to write about writing than it is to actually write.


  1. I think I have to agree with your #1. It's even harder to write when people are removing old and installing new floors.

  2. Curse you for unveiling my secrets!

  3. Terry; I'd far rather be hearing the work than DOING the work. Think about the floors to come. Fresh, wonderful floors - just waiting to be paced upon.

    Lee Ann; Muah-hahaha. And thanks for taking the time to leave a comment!

  4. I love it. Yes, I've done #3 before and yes, I could and would use my third hand to hold chocolate and my fourth to hold coffee.


  5. AA; Thanks!

    Clarissa; I confess I learned #3 by it happening - but beware the fourth hand and coffee; see #11.

  6. Loved the points, especially number 4. My cats couldn't care less about my work.

  7. Great list! Numbers 9 & 5 are very good points...and of course the chocolate business too.

  8. Maryann; Cats can be heartless creatures.

    Alan; These two points are certainly true for me.

  9. #'s 1,3,5,9!
    All odd numbers. Do you think that says something about me personally? Hmmm.

    Giggles and Guns

  10. Maribeth; It certainly must say something about me! Oh dear...back to staring at the cat for approval...

  11. Elspeth - I love these lessons! Thank you so much for sharing them. I'm especially fond of #3, #7 and #12. They are important lessons. One of the lessons I've learned is this: No matter how much time I set aside in a day to write, there will always be something else that clamours for my attention.

  12. What a perfect list! I’m sure that if I had a third hand it would be holding chocolate.

  13. OK, I'm officially losing it. I left my comment, then exited out without posting it. Anyway, basically I said that these are all great but I really love #4. Even though no cat currently allows me to share its space.

  14. Oh, this is priceless! Love it! Am RTing it!

  15. Haha, thanks to Cynthia's RT, I got to enjoy it too! Hilarious.

  16. Karen; Another lesson I have learned: it takes as long as it takes.

    Margot; What a great addition - and you're absolutely right.

    Jane; I think a third hand would be wonderful in all sorts of ways - I wish I'd had one when I was surrounded by toddlers.

    Carol; Well, I'm glad that you found it. It's wrong you don't have a cat. Get one immediately. Get two.

    Cynthia; Thanks so much for the RT! I'm glad you liked it.

    Elizabeth; Welcome! And thanks so much for taking the time to leave a comment.

  17. Heavens to Betsy, but that last one is the truth. There are days I'd much rather write about writing than actually write.

    Great list!

  18. 3, 4, & 5 are my favs, but they are all so very true. Although my cats do voice their disapproval.

    Nice to know you and I are learning the same things. :)

  19. Oh my goodness...so inspirational. I laughed out loud at: Without even trying, I can write really, really poorly. So with you on that one. What a great list!


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