Tuesday, May 4, 2010

The Talking of the Sheep

Sheep #1: This is cheating.

Sheep #2: It is, you know.

Guardian: Why is this cheating? The writer is writing.

Sheep #3: But this is dialogue. She likes writing dialogue. It comes easily to her. FOUL!!!

Sheep #1: She should be working on her prose.

Sheep #2: It does needs work.

Sheep #3: And we're being kind.

Guardian: The writer is aware that work is needed. She's been searching and destroying her repetitive words.

Sheep #1: We know. We've named one of us 'Just' and another one 'That'. (lifts front hoof and points to the left) See that sheep over there? The one with the bland expression?

Guardian: Aren't most sheep's expressions bland?

Sheep #2: That was uncalled for.

Sheep #3: We're a myriad of emotions. We're deep.

Sheep #1: You have no idea.

Guardian: Anyway...

Sheep #1: (shaking head) Of course. That sheep over there is "Smiled". He was everywhere. Now he's shunned. Don't go near him. He's bitter.

Sheep #2: He bites.

Sheep #3: But it's not just the repetitive words. We want more description. A clearer picture, if you will. We want all our senses engaged.

Guardian: She's aware. She's filling in the blanks.

Sheep #1: And tell her we want more conflict! Conflict makes us happy.

Guardian: Conflict makes you happy?

Sheep #2: We told you we're complex.

Sheep #1: Now, don't get us wrong. There is a great deal of the story which has our approval.

Sheep #2: We like the food.

Sheep #3: And the horse.

Sheep #1: We want to drive the red car. Can that be arranged?

Guardian: That might prove difficult.

Sheep #2: Fine. Disappoint us. We're only sheep.

Sheep #1: Just tell her to finish. We're ready to move on.

Guardian: So is she. I'll make sure she gets the message.

Sheep #3: Good. We want new pastures. New views. New characters.

Guardian: But two of the characters will be in the next manuscript.

Sheep #1: We know. We're fine with that.

Guardian: Why?

Sheep #3: They're the ones who drive the red car.


  1. OH, Elspeth, these sheep are just delightful. Thanks for sharing them today. I needed a pick me up. I'm down with bronchitis and literally have no energy to get up to pee.

  2. Karen; Sending you a big virtual hug, and wishes to get better fast and a closer bathroom.

  3. This is great. I love your sheep, you know.

  4. Carol; They love you too.

    Dorte: Well said. The sheep say thanks.

  5. Those sheep are really funny and really cute. I should read them more often.


  6. Clarissa; They show up from time to time. They're unpredictable.

  7. Love the sheep. Hope you let them loose more often.

  8. Maryann; The sheep tend to emerge when I realize I've nothing to say. Luckily, they seem to write themselves. This could turn into a sheep blog.

  9. Elspeth - Ah, those sheep, those sheep, those sheep! I love 'em! And those sheep visit me, too, sometimes. They tell me when I'm writing too much dialogue (they don't like that), and when I need more dialogue (fussy old things; they don't like that, either!).

  10. Do we *have* to cut back on dialogue, sheep? I'm sort of addicted.... :)

    Mystery Writing is Murder

  11. Love the sheep! I've been doing the same thing: eliminating those annoying first draft repeated words and phrases, tightening up the writing. :)

  12. Margot; They love you too. They are persnickity creatures - but definitely easy for me to write!

    Elizabeth; I KNOW! I love writing dialogue. Stupid sheep.

    Jemi; I'm glad to know I'm not alone out here.

    Mason; I'm definitely pleased you did.

  13. I love the sheep. They speak to me.

  14. Oh the marvellous sheep - they are sooooooo deep! I can't get enough of them - they will now, thank you very much, be with me all the day! In fact, is it OK if I borrow them for a bit because I'm at a tricky bit and think they might be helpful?

  15. I'm SO glad I made this my first morning blog stop.

  16. Nothing like sheep to put things into perspective! I think they’d be having that same conversation at my house.

  17. Patricia; I'm so pleased to hear it. They're fun even though they are a tad pushy.

    Jan; You may borrow them. Careful. They're feisty.

    Terry; And I'm SO glad you stopped by! The sheep and I thank you.

    Jane; The sheep are very wise. Judgmental, but wise.

  18. *giggles delightedly* Oh, I LOVED THIS! Thank you, Elspeth! What a fabulous little reward I've just gotten for meeting my deadline! (just sent in some revisions)

  19. WT; The sheep applaud you. Do you hear their hooves clacking together? And now...yes...there's a cheer.


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