Wednesday, May 12, 2010

First, an Idea...

It all starts with an idea...

Or maybe, you've got lots of ideas...

It might have started with this...

Or this...

But if you write mysteries (like me), it probably started with this...

It might take place somewhere like here...

Or here...

Or even here...

But that little idea has grown into this.

So you write and you write and you write...

Somedays you'll end up with this...
And some days you'll feel like this...

But sooner or later, this...
Will have turned into this.

And then you get this...


  1. Elspeth - Thanks for these lovely 'photos. I don't think I have ever seen the idea process portrayed better : ). I think my favorites are the chalk outline (hey, I'm a mystery writer, too) and the crumpled paper - oh, and the overflowing desk. That's writing!

  2. This is just so nice - I agree with Margot - I don't think I've seen ideas portrayed this beautifully either. Thank you.

  3. Margot; Thanks! For me, it's always that dead body that starts the process. Who were they? Why were they killed? And...I'm off.

  4. Karen; *blushes* Thank you! You've made my day.

  5. Wonderful! And soooo true! My stories usually start with a character and the plot grows around him/her. Love your ideas and pictures.

  6. Kathi; Isn't it interesting to think about the nature of that first little glimmer? Thanks for your kind words.

  7. That's wonderful.Very neat visual.

    I think I'm lost somewhere in that pile of paper on that poor woman's desk!

    Happy Wednesday,

  8. Awesome little story in pictures! That's exactly how it is... especially that poor woman drowning in paper. I often feel that way, lol!

  9. Jen; Thanks! I sometimes feel that way too. Happy Wednesday to you as well.

    Laura; It is a picture that's very easy to identify with isn't it?

  10. Very good post. You tell a great story with photos.

    Thoughts in Progress

  11. Love, Love, LOVE this!!!

    thank you. :)

  12. Elspeth,
    You are absolutely the best way to get through a cold. rainy May Thursday.

    Thanks :D
    Giggles and Guns

  13. Elisa; Thank YOU for taking the time to drop by when you're so busy!

    Maribeth; I AM??? What a lovely thing to say. Thank you.

  14. Another great picture story. I love these. Keep them coming.


  15. I love your picture stories! Makes me want to write another picture book (even if the next one doesn't sell either).

  16. Clarissa; Thanks so much for the feedback - I really appreciate it.

  17. Your photo essays always make me smile! Very nice!

  18. Jemi; Thanks so much for letting me know. Making people smile is a good thing.

  19. I love this pictorial posts! I've written stories just because I had a scene--or a line of dialogue I wanted to use, and let the characters develop, and then the plot happens.

  20. Terry; We all have our own starting points, and they seem to be different with each story. I've never started with from a line of dialogue. Maybe in the future...


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