Friday, November 11, 2011

Remembrance Day

I write mysteries that take place before and during the second World War. I have spent countless hours learning about life back then and the many sacrifices that were made both by those in battle and those left at home.

So today, which is Remembrance Day here in Canada, I'd like to share this clip with you. I actually used this iconic song back when I was directing theatre, as the opening for a play taking place in 1942.

Take a moment and remember not only those who fought in past wars, but those who are fighting now. May they all 'come safe home'.


  1. Elspeth - What a lovely commemoration! Thanks for this. I agree with you that this song is really moving. May they all come safe home indeed, and may the time come soon when they don't have to be sent in the first place...

  2. Thanks for another reminder to remember those who serve their countries.

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