Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The Writing Game

Some of us write about this...

while some write about this...

and if you're a mystery writer (like me) you write endless versions of this...

But really, we're all writing about this...

There are the days when you feel as if you're playing this...

or this...

and even the days you feel as if you're playing this...

But we all need to play this...

and make our characters play this...

and remember no one ever has this...

on this...
And trust that one day you'll be playing this...

Because you have created a this.


  1. Elspeth - Oh, you are so right about what writing really is!! I hadn't thought about it as a game, but it is. It is an Operation that requires Concentration.

  2. This was really cool. Right now I'm playing Twister with mine, but I'm hoping for Payday.

  3. Terry; It really, really does.

    Margot; It is indeed. Thanks for your great addition to the post!

    Carol; Twist those poor characters! I'm sure Payday is right around the corner.

  4. Oh, those games brought back memories.


  5. You must have great fun thinking these things up!

  6. This is one of my favorites you've done. Sorry! seems to be a big one around here lately, but that's in relation to LIFE. Writing is a bit of Scrabble and some Yahtzee.

    So creative, Elspeth!

  7. Clarissa; I'm so glad to hear it!

    Laura; This one was fun - the idea appeared yesterday morning to my great relief.

    Michele; I'm glad you liked it! Writing is a bit of a Scrabble, isn't it? All the letters are there, you just have to arrange them in the best possible order.

  8. What a fun post! You've got some great games in there, too.

  9. Great post, Elspeth. Now I'm wondering if a ouija board would help...

  10. Very clever! Those games are classics and they do make you think about the many different writers and what they write.

  11. Belle; They ARE great games, aren't they? I'm glad you liked the post.

    Pat; I've had the same thought.

    Kathi; Thanks for your kind words! It's an interesting way of looking at what so many of us do.

  12. Nobody does these better than you do. Have you ever thought of collecting them into a book?

    Incidentally, I miss those posts which you used to do about period England. Can't you bring them back, please.

  13. Rayna; I'll think about compiling them - do you think anyone would really be interested? I hadn't posted anything about period England because I didn't think anyone (other than me) was interested. Thanks for letting me know you are! Prepare for a post soon

  14. That was wonderful, Elspeth! And fun to see games I haven't played in ages.


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