Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Sheep with Flags

Guardian: Welcome back to the writer's brain. Hey! What's going on?

Sheep #1: Don't you like it?

Sheep#2: It's a new look for us.

Sheep #3: We were already white, all we needed to do was paint on the maple leaves.

Sheep #1: We think we're stunning.

Sheep #2: We have a future on fashion runways across the world.

Guardian: But why have you done this?

Sheep #3: Hello? Where have you been? It's the Olympics.

Guardian: But this is the writer's brain. We're supposed to be writing. A little self-discipline is called for - there are deadlines to meet and a manuscript to finish.

Sheep #1: During the Olympics? When the whole thing is happening just an hour away? Are you mad?

Sheep #2: Perhaps a vacation is in order.

Sheep #3: You do look a little peaked.

Sheep #1: Get the writer to take you downtown. Feel the crush of the crowds. See the Olympic cauldron. Go listen to some of the bands. Wave a flag. Everyone is smiling. It's electric.

Guardian: You were there?

Sheep #2: We're everywhere.

Guardian: But what about the writing? I can't desert my post.

Sheep #1: You're not deserting your post; you're taking in life. This is a once in a lifetime event, unless the writer enjoys huge success and can follow the Olympics around.

Sheep #2: We wouldn't bet our wool on it.

Sheep #3: Go forth, Guardian! We'll look after things here. The writer will write. Trust her. Just remember one thing.

Guardian: What's that?

Sheep #1: GO

Sheep #2: CANADA

Sheep #3: GO!


  1. Perfect. I'm smiling . . . and I'm not even Canadian :)

  2. Elspth - I'm not Canadian, either, but I love this!! And you bring up an important point about the pull between writing and other things in our lives, especially exciting things like the Olympics. Love those sheep!!: )

  3. Elspeth I've thought of you so often during the Olympics! Knowing how much you were anticipating this monumental event, definitely listen to the sheep!

  4. Carol; I'm so glad the sheep made you smile.

    Margot; Sometimes it IS difficult, isn't it? I'm glad you like the sheep.

    Jane; Have they been talking to you?

    Crystal; How nice to be thought of! Listening to the sheep often gets me in trouble, but, perhaps this time, they're right.

  5. I love the sheep. As for you, go down there and observe the athletes (characters), eavesdrop on conversations (dialogue), and imagine a mystery where an athlete favored for the gold just disappears (plot). Go!

  6. Go to the Olympics, Elspeth! Think of all the great characters you'll find there. Maybe you can write an Olympic-based mystery next. You can get so many ideas!


  7. Patricia; I love the sheep too. If I call it research, do think the fare in would be considered tax deductible?

    Elizabeth; I've thought of that!

  8. This is just TOO cute! You gonna make this into a book? Better yet - a stage play!?

    Marvin D Wilson

  9. Old Silly; What are you suggesting? I write the sheep as a play? Are you serious?

  10. Baarmy. Thank you for cheering me up on this dark night. :)

  11. M.J.; Pleased I could help.

    Elisa; I got a whoohoo!

  12. I love those sheep and has Canada won any metals yet?


  13. Ann Elle: I'm glad you like my sheep and yes, Canada has won medals. So far 2 gold, 2 silver and 1 bronze.

  14. The sheep know of what they speak! Go forth and cheer and mill about giddily with our fellow Canadians! Soak up the atmosphere - it truly is a once in a lifetime event - ENJOY!!!

    Go, Canada, GO! :)

  15. Elspeth, I feel so out of it up here without TV!!! Do me a favour and whoo hoo a couple for this "out of the loop" Canadian girl.

  16. Jemi; I shall go boldly forth and cheer this weekend.

    Deb; I shall whoohoo for you with all my heart. Stand outside and cheer. If you cheer loud enough, I'm sure we'll hear you in Vancouver.


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