Monday, November 30, 2009

The Writer's Brain

Guardian: Welcome to the writer's brain. I've been waiting for you.

Sheep #1: We're late because she couldn't get to sleep. (looks around) This is cramped. Why are some of our faces changing?

Guardian: She's thinking about her characters. There's a plot point she's stuck on. Look out!

Sheep #2: I didn't see the mud puddle. I'm stuck. And muddy. I hate mud.

Guardian: So does the writer. See those sheep frolicking? They're in the part of the plot that's working. As you've discovered, right here, there's mud.

Sheep #1: What's with the rainbow?

Guardian: That's the writer's fantasy of finishing this draft. Enjoy the view of the sunshine and the green grass. You can't get there from here. Too much mud.

Sheep #2: I could use some help here. I just had my hooves pedicured.

Sheep #1: Hey! You sheep with the weird faces! Come help! If we all work together we can get our sister out of this mess.

Group of sheep: We're busy. One of us is a murderer and we don't know which of us it is. It's rather unsettling.

Guardian: The writer knows which of you is the bad one. That plot is fine.

Group of sheep: Why all the glass?

Guardian: Sub plot.

Sheep #1: Who's the sheep walking softly carrying the big stick?

Guardian: Grammar sheep. He's cranky.

Sheep #1: And that one over there? Wearing the flowers and dancing around?

Guardian: Thesaurus sheep. Don't start him talking. Trust me.

Sheep #2: Something's happening. I'm feeling light. What's going on? What am I doing suspended up here? There's very little dignity hanging in the air.

Guardian: She's had her inspiration. It's lifted you out of the mud. Let us rejoice and carry on.

Sheep #1: Are we at the rainbow yet?

Guardian: It's closer. Every night it's a little closer.

Sheep #2: My hooves are ruined.

Guardian: New sub plot.


  1. Very funny but true. I wonder what would make those sheep start jumping peacefully over the fence to lull you to sleep?

  2. And everywhere that author went ...
    The lambs were sure to go :)

  3. Carol; Glad you liked it.

    Karen; You've got sheep of your own. Trust me.

    JW; The sheep are rowdy. They're what keep me awake!

    Joanne; So true. So true. When did I become Little Bo Peep? I don't have the appropriate outfit!

  4. Love the style and tone of this. Witty and funny, too. ;)

    Marvin D Wilson

  5. Elspeth - This is just *wonderful!* I have no idea *how* you knew so well what's going on in my brain... : )

  6. Old Silly; Thank you!

    Margot; You've got the sheep too?

  7. Funny. I love the picture of the sheep. I'd also like to borrow them.

  8. What a delight! Thanks for this break in my day.

  9. What are the opposite of sheep? Do they visit, too? If so, I bet they aren’t as cute, cuddly, or friendly. They could be clever, though…but mean. Can you introduce them in a future post? You know, the ones who make the mud.

    Best Regards, Galen

    Imagineering Fiction Blog

  10. Carolyn; Ah yes, the Serta sheep. I might be willing to rent mine out for a small fee.

    Elisa; Glad you liked it.

    Galen; The mud-makers. Yes, they're mean. Thanks for giving me another post.

  11. Oh man! Girl this is right on! Only I got goats and they keep eating my plot. They don't get why I yell at them and chase them back over the fence. But a herder's gotta do what a herder's gotta do.

  12. Excellent. Thanks for the smiles! Great post.

  13. That was FUN! Glad to hear you're out of the mud and winging away :)

  14. This was really cute. I want your sheep. So much friendlier than my hedgehogs.

    Straight From Hel

  15. Jan; Goats? Goats would be cool. However eating the plot, not so cool. Glad you liked it!

    Deb; I'm pleased you liked it.

    Jemi; Glad it gave you a smile.

    Helen; Hedgehogs are cute. But prickly. I'll stick to sheep.

    Elizabeth; Glad you think so. It was fun to write!

  16. Mercy, counting sheep is hilarious with you in control!

  17. What can I say? This is just so true!!!!


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