Thursday, October 8, 2009

A Fun Group Blog

Stephanie Faris of Steph in the City is doing a fun group blog today about Google tags; so I thought I'd join in the merriment.

1. Your Favourite Beverage:

I love white wine. Favourite winery? Can't pick one, but many found in British Columbia's Okanagan Valley are incredible.

2. Your Hometown:

Victoria, British Columbia. This is a shot of the Provincial Legislature, which is lit up every night.

3. Your Favourite TV Show:

Okay, it ended a while ago, but I still love it. I own the entire series on DVD. Brilliant acting. Brilliant directing. Brilliant writing. 'nuff said.

4. Your Occupation:

Nothing more need be said.

But I went to school to become:

There's no business like show business...ah, well.

5. Your First Car:

It got me to University. I had a political bumper sticker which embarrassed my Dad. Let's just say we did not share the same political views.

6. Your Favourite Dish:

This is French cuisine, but it's hard to choose. If I didn't have to cook it, it's a

7. Celebrity You've Been Told You Resemble:

Emma Thompson. We've both played the role of Beatrice in "Much Ado About Nothing". She has my career. No, no, I'm not bitter.

8. Celebrity on your "To Do" List.

This is for fun, right? Nothing wrong with a little fantasy...

I admit that I will never quite get over:

Christopher Plummer as Captain Von Trapp. I'm smiling looking at this picture. Trust me.

9. Favourite Childhood Toy:

My sister and I called them "Guys"; as did all my kids when they were small.

10. Random Picture:

Venice. A place I am determined to see for myself. Magical.

Back to regular business tomorrow. What are your 10? You don't have to post pictures, but share!


  1. I adore Captain Von Trapp. And, as far as I'm concerned, no one can play him like Christopher Plummer (who, even though he got old is still attractive!).

  2. Karen; He is still lovely. Thanks for dropping by!

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  4. Margot; Thanks for joining in the fun. I love coffee too, but decided to be evil. I'm another big fan of Billy Joel. Christopher Plummer...yum. Glad to discover I'm not alone!

  5. First - sorry for the re-post. I noticed two stupid typos and decided to fix them.

    I agree with Christopher Plummer as Capt. Von Trapp. He was born for that role:

    OK: Here are my responses:

    1. Favourite beverage: Black coffee

    2. Hometown: York PA (Not a cool place to be born :( )

    3. Favorite TV show: Cold Case
    (I loved the West Wing, though)

    4. Occupation: Novelist and Associate Professor

    5. First car: Toyota Tercel

    6. Favourite dish: Practically anything Chinese

    7. Celebrity I'm told I resemble: Joan Cusack

    8. Celebrity on my "to-do" list: Billy Joel - I'm a serious, serious fan!! Excuse me while I remove the drool from my keyboard... ;)

    9. Favourite childhood toy: my bike

    10. Random and unnecessary fact about me: I am proudly owned by two dogs: a Tibetan Terrier and a mixed-breed puppy

  6. She has your career. LOL! I wanted to be an actress when I was younger...but I didn't have the talent to even get a leading role in a high school production!

  7. Fun! I just spent (August) 10 days in BC, and visited Sooke, Victoria, Ladysmith, and Vancouver. Loved it.

    I have a sick child so not a lot of time but here's a random and unnecessary fact about me: I get nervous when my cellphone battery goes to two bars.

  8. Oh you're from Victoria! My mother lived there and my sister still lives there, in Cook Village. I adore Victoria!

    I'll play along.

    1) Chilled glass of Chardonnay
    2) Seattle Washington
    3) Top Chef
    4) Writer/designer
    5) Ford pick-up truck
    6) Chicken scallopini
    7) Olivia Hussey, have been mistaken for her many times. (I don't get it)
    8) Paul Newman
    9) My first bike
    10) I hate driving over big bridges. (Have learned to do it though)

  9. When I was a kid, I watched The Sound of Music for, well, the story and the singing. Just loved it so much! Then one day, I was in my 20s, I think, and I popped in the movie and realized, oh my! Christopher Plummer is adorable! Glad to see I'm not alone in this :)

  10. Victoria is a beautiful city and I love The Sound of Music, still have an old LP soundtrack :)

  11. I'm a writer and editor, but I went to college to become a teacher, which I was until I had kids and stayed home to raise them.

    Straight From Hel

  12. I have the Sound of Music soundtrack too!! Or at least my mom has it :)

    Great post, Elspeth. Hmmm

    Earl Grey tea, lasagna, Fringe, Lego, Firenza and teacher to name a few!

  13. I have been madly in love with Christopher Plummer too!!!


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